Mud, Sweat, and Beers


A look at why festivals are possible the best places to take your Lomography cameras.

Credits: welland

I’ve been very lucky over the years and have been to many festivals all over Europe. I used to live in Reading which is home to Reading festival (surprisingly) and W.O.M.AD which I went to every year since I was very young. This probably started me out in my festival career.

Festivals that stand out for me are Benicassim in Spain (twice), Lowlands in Holland, Pukellpop in Belgium, Groezrock – Belgium, Oxygen – Dublin, Big Chill – England, and of course, the mother of all festivals, Glastonbury.

Credits: welland

My most recent album comes from Glastonbury. I first went to Glasto as an innocent 16 year old with one friend, I then worked there on a curry stall 4 years ago. This year, I did it big with a group of 10 friends.

Credits: welland

Every festival is special and I think that makes for great photos, especially lomographs. I think to capture a person in a photo is best when they are acting natural and in an environment they are comfortable in. This is why I think festivals are where you will get some of the best photos.

Credits: welland

The backdrop is stunning, it’s a major event which you are documenting and people are acting freely and you can snap away at your pleasure.

I think sitting about at festivals and just taking it all in is some of my favourite times. You can’t help but feel good about yourself and the human race!

Credits: welland

With over 170,000 people going, you really are witnessing a special thing and its one that is meant for children of Lomography. It’s no secret that drugs and excessive alcohol consumption is rife at festivals and I think this lets people be that much more outgoing or creative and fun-loving. You could stop someone dressed up as a tiger with face paint all over him offering “free hugs” only to find out he’s an accountant for HSBC, for example!

Credits: welland

Festivals are new cities that spring up in the summer and the residents are all about having fun and enjoying music. If you are lucky enough to have a residence in one of these cities, document it.

Credits: welland

Foreign festivals are especially fun as with the cultural differences it tends to add a different slant on things from fashion, to etiquette, to the general way things are run.

Credits: welland

This year I have been to quite a few and my LC-A+ has come along with me for all of them and the SuperSampler was allowed to come to Glastonbury.

Credits: welland

Obviously, the LC-A+ is a relatively expensive piece of kit and you may worry about having it with you. My advice is you want to take nice photos so take it to nice places. Just remember the routine of putting it back in your bag/pocket and you’ll be fine. It’s there to be used, so use it!

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

The SuperSampler, the queen of multilensed cameras, is now in black. It takes four sequential panoramic shots on a single, action-packed 35mm photo. See all SuperSampler colours and designs in our Shop!

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