Lovebox Goes LOMO!


Lovebox is a 3-day music festival held in Victoria Park, London. A variety of music is performed over the weekend along multiple bars, clothing stores, and a seemingly unlimited assortment of food stalls. I bought a ticket for Bang The Box (the Friday of the festival), grabbed my Olympus Trip 35 and my brand-spanking new Lomography La Sardina and took the train over for a very memorable evening!

Taking the train over i started using my trip with the end of a Redscale film leftover from another day out, the strong oranges and reds produced with the film give a great effect to the images at the stations and in the train.

Unfortunately, between arriving in London and getting to the festival grounds the photographs I took were limited in number (I was a tad paranoid of thieves in the city!) but I nabbed a couple of shot that i liked.

After a reasonably long queue, I finally managed through the less-than-pearly gates and on into the festival. Lovebox is a lot more relaxed than some other festivals with everybody enjoying themselves without too much crowding. This allowed me to wander round and take a load of shots with both my cameras.

It was during this walk I took one of my favorite photographs since I joined the analog revolution, and it was a totally accidental double exposure!

Later on in the afternoon the crowds started to build as some of the more popular acts took the stage, though the atmosphere was still chilled, just with a few more dancers around. One particular singer by the name of Uffie even encouraged the crowd to jump the fence and join her on stage!

Not long later, Lovebox pulled out the big guns, including a spectacle of a show by french DJ SebastiAn! here’s my attempt at crowd shot with the La Sardina and it’s flash filters:

And my favorite photo of the night, the silhouettes of the crowd in-front of me, the two central figures being my friend (in the hat) and his girlfriend to his left (with the flowers):

After an incredible day, the only thing left to do was go home, and snap the last shots of the day.

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  1. thomas-matthew-wood
    thomas-matthew-wood ·

    The silhouetted crowd shot is fantastic, well done.

    Was the redscale bought film or was it a diy effort?

  2. emily_eaton
    emily_eaton ·

    Amazing shots! I worked the whole festival and took quite a few, once I get them developed I'll come back and share!
    Glad you had an amazing time.x

  3. thewretched
    thewretched ·

    Brilliant! I was there for the Friday, too. Got two films waiting to be developed of it.

    I took a Diana that i bought on eBay, which already had a half-used film in it but when the film was developed there were only 2 exposed shots on there. I think the guy i bought it from must have left the lens cap on! :D

  4. thewretched
    thewretched ·

    Wait a minute... That shot of the girls with the eyebrows and headscarfs... Was that taken when their music player stopped working? If so, you were stood RIGHT next to me. Who'd have known?!

  5. nattykins
    nattykins ·

    Great pictures! :D

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