LomoAmigo Marike Jager and Her Passion for Analogue


She’s sweet, beautiful, a great singer and has a strong passion for anything analogue – please meet Marike Jager. We’ve introduced her to the Lomo LC-A+. Guess what? They were a perfect match! Want to know more about Marike? Read on!

Name: Marike Jager
City: Nijmegen
Country: The Netherlands

Tell the community something about yourself
Hey, my name is Marike Jager, little sister, aunt and youngest daughter. I’m a doubter, a worrier, an impatient perfectionist and sometimes surprisingly funny. I’m sensitive and insecure, but meanwhile I’m very cool. I force myself to do things I don’t dare. I enjoy life and laugh a lot, always carry too much and I’m never on time. I like to cuddle and laugh out loud. I like to go for a run, love vinyl, good coffee and old Gretsch guitars. Ah and I have the greatest job in the world I’m a musician (guitar/piano), songwriter and lucky enough found a great band. Furthermore I present music festivals for the Dutch public television VPRO.

Were you a Lomographer already or is it totally new?
I’m a true Lomo-greeny! I’ve recently been introduced to Lomo LC-A+ and the excitement it brings. Trial and error, good fun! I’m familiar with analogue photography and I am love with polaroid. But Lomography is something completely different! A sweet surprise.

How does a normal day in the life of Marike look like?
I wake up, grind some beans and focus on making a great fresh coffee. I regularly go for a run and spend some time at my computer. Together with Henk Jan (keys/bass) I run our own record label Morning Coffee Records and that takes a lot of work. But besides that I strum my guitar, write songs and get ready for the gigs. Each day is different, rythm is rare. Today an interview or a meeting, tomorrow a photo shoot or a rehearsal. Evenings I love to spend outside drinking wine and set up a campfire. Or I go climp my couch and chat for hours with friends.

You create some wicked snapshots! Want to share your secret with us?
I love to snap stories, quiet little moment or an object. A truck, a kettle, a tree and a tray of cherries. Old buildings, animals or nature. Certain scenes I never capture, but they always seem to capture me.

How did you like shooting analogue with the Lomo LC-A+ and what did your friends and fans think of it?
I started a little insecure and was quite amazed by the first results. I’m slowly starting to understand the freedom of Lomography now and it helps me loosen up a bit. Everywhere I go the camera is a bit of an attraction. I get many questions and positive feedback. People showing off with ‘apps’ really miss the point.

What is your weirdest, funniest or coolest lomo-experience so far?
It’s truly adventurous to shoot from the hip while cycling or driving my car. But I need to continue this shooting technic – trial and error. I think all pics seem to tell a lot about myself, which is quite special and confronting. The whole Lomography attitude forms a mirror, it’s a challenge, but I’m getting there.

What’s your favorite picture?
Hmmm I guess that’s the one with the tea pot and cups. The atmosphere and colors are amazing….very cinematic. But the little, spooky shed has a lot of dynamics and tells a story, I like that too. Furthermore the bicycle stole my heart, it’s such a serene shot. I’d never expected that.

If your shots should have a soundtrack, what would it be? (3 songs, artist and title please)
Feist – Let it die
Fiona Apple – Extraordinary machine
Ed Harcourt – Birds fly backwards

What’s coming up for you? Anything special you’re looking forward to?
The upcoming months we play a few festivals and I will present the Zwarte Cross and the Lowlands festival for the VPRO (Dutch television). This fall brings a great tour visiting the clubs and next year we’ll be visiting a huge amount of theaters. Of course I’ll take my Lomo LC-A+ everywhere ;)

Your Lomo LC-A+ advice for future photographers?
Like it? Shoot!

Follow Marike on Twitter, Facebook, via her own LomoHome or just visit her own website.

Marike made wonderful photos. Have a look at her gallery!

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  1. tchadb
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    Wow. These are wonderful Marike.


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    Super cool :-D

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