Colin Creevey and the Argus C3


In the wizardly world of Harry Potter, nearly everything in the Muggle realm had a counterpart, including cameras. In time for the premiere of Harry Potter saga's final installment, why don't we look back at one of the prominent analog cameras featured throughout the film series?

J.K. Rowling tells in her official website that there are indeed cameras in the wizarding world, confirmed by those interesting moving images mentioned in the books and shown in the films. However, these cameras are nothing like the average Muggle camera—they don’t require batteries, run on magic in the atmosphere, and although they use film, a magical developing potion makes the pictures move.

Rita Skeeter and Bozo, with a “magical camera”. Photo via Ace Showbiz

If you were quick enough to spot them, there were also some instances of wizardly photographers and their cameras appearing in the movies—there was the “short and irritable-looking” Daily Prophet photographer; the Hogwarts-educated and once Slug Club member Adrian, who became a photographer; and Bozo, Rita Skeeter’s “paunchy” photographer.

But perhaps the character and camera that made it to the headlines were Colin Creevey and his Argus C3 camera, which was known in photography circles as “The Brick” for its size and shape. The camera is a low-end rangefinder camera produced from 1939 to 1966, made out of metal castings and bakelite plastic.

Colin Creevey and the Argus C3. Photos via Harry Potter Wiki and

In the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Colin used the “old-fashioned Muggle camera” to take pictures of people around Hogwarts during his first year, including Harry Potter, whom he was a big fan of. The camera also played a significant role in the movie, somewhat saving Colin (who only suffered from petrification) from the deadly stare of the Basilisk, as he only saw the snake through the camera’s lens. Because of its appearance in the film, the Argus C3 quickly became a sought-after collectible among Harry Potter fans.

To refresh your memory, here’s a scene from Chamber of Secrets featuring Colin and his Argus C3:

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  1. the_lauris
    the_lauris ·

    I have an Argus C3 and I love it. Mine is older than the one Colin Creevey has in the picture, as it only has the handle mount flash and no hot shoe flash mount (the old man who sold it to me said it was likely made in the early to mid 1940's). It's a very cool camera that produces photos with a great vintage effect, almost like family pictures or newspaper photos from the '50's.

  2. darryl1208
    darryl1208 ·

    As I said on Facebook: The Harry Potter movie shows, that the argues C3 in the C33 variation can be very deadly for minors.

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