Phat Chan@LMF and Lomography Sprocket Rocket!


Phat Chan, being a band member of the local Hip Hop band LMF and 24HERBS, is active in local music circles and is responsible for promoting Hip Hop culture and music. Being an advanced Lomographer for years, what are the tips for shooting with Lomography Sprocket Rocket that he’s going to share with us?

Credits: tch

1. Hi, Phat! How long have you been a Lomographer and how did you come across the products of Lomography for the first time?
I have been a Lomographer since 6 years ago. LC-A is the very first Lomo camera that I ever have, and thanks TCH of HEADZ from Macau!

2. You have been using Lomo LC-A for quite some time. Why you love it so?
Aside from its simple outlook, it’s easy to use, truly compact and handy, fast and reliable! While shooting with LC-A+, even those out-of-focus shots look perfect! (haha, could this be used as a slogan?)

3. How did you feel when shooting with Sprocket Rocket for the first time? Have you encountered anything interesting?
It’s very compact indeed! The most interesting thing was that both my girlfriend and I fight eagerly for the chance to shoot with it! And there’s no need to spare too much Headroom when shooing with Sprocket Rocket.

4. The person who you would like most to photograph?
I wish I could take a picture for my grandma who has passed away.

5. What is the definition of analogue lifestyle to you?
Do it yourself for no matter what and not just sitting there talking! (from Editor: totally agree!)

6. The most unforgettable, strangest or worst photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had.
The most unforgettable, strangest or worst photographic/Lomographic encounter happened in 2010; I’ve (or, I thought I have) taken lots of great photos at the Tattoo Exhibition at Singapore at that time; but when I took the films to the lab, I was told that all the films were blank!

7. If you could take your camera and a sack of film anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
I wish I were in haven and have the chance to take a photo with my beloved grandma who brought me up. I feel so sad that I don’t have any photo featuring my grandma and I. I wanna take photos of the outer-space creatures too, and it sounds so cool wondering from here to there in the Universe! (haha)

8. If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, what would they be (song title & artist please)?

9. Why you decided to terminate your work and start entering the music circle? Anything unforgettable happened during the years?
Completely due to my playful character and feeling “too good” about myself at that time, I though it would be cool to earn a living with music, and that’s it. I won’t live an easy life in big enterprises with my character though.

So many unforgettable events happened that are hard to tell them all, but the most unexpected thing being that I could still earn a living with music that I’m still deeply in love with, and the feeling is just amazing! (but it’s another thing when I encounter the bottle-neck for my music work)

10. Who influence your music life most? Why?
Hong Kong people! And why? Read any newspaper, magazine or reports from any media and you’ll get the answer! Of course, this include all the producer that I’ve collaborated with, LMF and all band members of 24 Herbs 廿四味, as all of them give me lots of encouragement on my music road.

11. Could you share with us your current projects?
I’ll participate in a movie in July and start working on the new album for 24 Herbs 廿四味; hopefully, the album will be released in December. Products for the new fashion label by my brother Ah Kit and I will be launched in the coming fall/winter.

12. Your advice to new-coming Lomographers?
Load your film carefully, and press your shutter button carefree!


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translated by gateau

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  1. hsiaomayi
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    LMF + Phat Chan + Lomography = ROCK!!

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