Kodak Supra (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

All I thought was this film is simply... a colour negative. But I was wrong.

All I thought was this film is simply… a colour negative. But I was wrong.

I bought some rolls of Kodak Supra reason being that it’s cheap, expired and for a little “break from slides” shooting.

That night, a friend asked me to hang out in their bar so I chanced upon loading my Olympus XA with this film and went there. I took some shots, expecting for just some “not so awesome” shots, a typical night out with some friends I was presuming.

But it all went wrong. Kodak Supra can manage just like how the Agfa Vista deals. Bluish, bright colours of the sky and awesome indoor shots. I was not expecting results as such and I was surprised. What remarked me about this film is that it has a fine grain.


  1. Smooth grain
  2. Skin tones are perfect; rendered very well
  3. Very sharp
  4. Colours pop!


  1. Greens aren’t that good at all
  2. Yes, colors are popping sometimes, saturated, but skin tone remains the same

written by ethermoon on 2009-01-01 in #reviews #philippines #olympus-xa #supra #35mm #kodak

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