Mardin & Midyat

Two old ancient cities in southeast Turkey.

This spring I went via train from Istanbul to southeast Turkey. Mardin and Midyat were the two stops of this trip. Even though there was nothing special to see or to do, those cities are beautiful to stay and walk around in through tiny alleys and small streets.

You can wander around for days and get lost while you explore the city, which is older than 4000 years.

Mardin is the capital of this region, while Midyat is a smaller city next to it. People often speak of Mardin and Midyat like it is one city, but I found these cities quite different. Mardin is located on a mountain and you get a great view over Mesopotamia…

while Midyat is located on a quiet flat area.

Midyat and Mardin are very mixed in religious, cultural or ethnic points. There are a lot of churches in those cities and you can feel the old enclave of the Assyrian. Here are some of my impressions of those two different cities – first Mardin in Sensia X-pro:

Midyat on self-made Redscale:

Another ancient city right next to Mardin and Midyat is Hasankeyf you should visit,


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