X-rayed! Know the LC-Wide Inside Out


Take a look at it´s intestines and get amazing insight on what´s inside the LC-Wide! We didn´t fear an extra visit to our trusted dentist to get our latest premium camera checked out. Good news - no tooth decay or gingival atrophy diagnosed!

The images were taken with a dental C-arm X-ray unit. That´s the one where you have to bite this nasty piece of plastic while the X-ray source is circling around your head at the dentist. The radiographer was helping me to get 3 nice shots each showing differnt details more or less clearly. Well – happy studying, We´ll publish a more detailed LC-Wide Med. Report soon!

written by somapic on 2011-05-31 in #news #panorama #medical-photography #lc-wide #x-ray #lc-w

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