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Are you in Mumbai? Are you getting restless to use a Lomography camera but you don't know where to get one? Well, we're organizing the Second Lomography Photowalk here in Mumbai, 22 May.

Get ready for the second Lomography Lomo Walk here in Mumbai on 22nd May 2011. We’re carrying 7 cameras with us and loads of film and all you need to do is walk in and take it from us and have fun!

The following are the newbie lomographers who would be joining us :

1. Kumar Jhuremalani
2. Lucie Vailly
3. Tushar T Dhanawade
4. Neetij P
5. Aditya Athalye
6. Radhika Murthy
7. Pallavi Palkar
8. Aditi Roy Ghatak

We have the same event also listed on facebook

Also for co-ordination please feel free to call Partha – 9833452924 / Akshay – 9967134792

written by abhoan on 2011-05-19 in #events

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  1. catherine_martin
    catherine_martin ·

    Hi! This looks great - If you arrange another walk in Mumbai in the next few weeks, would you let me know? I am visiting from London.

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