Cannes Favorite: My Week with Marilyn by Simon Curtis

My Week with Marilyn, an upcoming BBC film, holds film fans in anticipation after its introduction during the Cannes Film Festival!

Platinum blond locks? Check. Mole-slash-beauty mark? Check. Dramatic Marilyn pose and projection? Check. Michelle Williams is all set to play Marilyn Monroe. Photo via Telegraph

The sexy and phenomenal Marilyn Monroe is certainly among the reasons why many of today’s classic Hollywood fans think they were born in the wrong era. From her mainstream success, to her controversial personal life, to her sudden death, fans from all generations continue to show fascination for everything about the alluring film icon.

Well, there’s good news from Cannes for all Marilyn fans out there. Among the most promising films introduced during the prestigious film festival is My Week with Marilyn, set to be released this year. Reports tell of warm reception in Cannes, and some even saying it has Oscar potential.

My Week with Marilyn depicts the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl, a 1957 film which casted Marilyn Monroe and Sir Lawrence Olivier. The upcoming movie chronicles the filming events and interaction between the two Hollywood stars in the summer of 1956 as documented by Colin Clark, Olivier’s assistant on the British set of the 1957 film.

Some of today’s hottest Hollywood ladies, such as Scarlett Johansson and Kate Hudson, were considered for the Marilyn role, but it was Michelle Williams who snagged it in 2009. To play the role of Lawrence Olivier, Ralph Fiennes was the first choice, but he had to pull out for a directorial work. Kenneth Branagh was eventually cast for the role. Many also auditioned to play as Colin Clark, but Eddie Redmayne eventually got the part. Dougray Scott was selected for the part of playwright Arthur Miller, Monroe’s third husband, who was also in honeymoon with the Hollywood bombshell during the filming in England in 1956.

Want more juicy details on My Week with Marilyn? Check out the video below for Michelle Williams’ insights on starring as the mesmerizing Ms. Monroe!

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