JUNE WORKSHOPS!! @ Lomography Gallery Store East London

Get to grips with all things analog at the Lomography Gallery Store East London!

Saturday 4/6 @1pm – The Lomo LC-A+ – From Russia With Love
You might have caught a glimpse of this little black modest looking camera that is in fact anything but modest! This is the Russian beauty that started the Lomography revolution and has all analogue enthusiasts at its feet with its wide & colour drenched images! Come and try one out for yourself and you’ll be sure to join the revolution!

Wednesday 8/6 @6pm – The Diana Dialogues: A plastic fantastic introduction
Come meet the fairest of Lomography ladies, the Diana F+ & find out what makes her the most popular girl in class. Here you’ll meet her friends, learn loads of tips and tricks and of course test shoot a roll of glorious 120 film!

Photo by upic

Saturday 11/6 @ 1pm – Masters of Panoramas
Roll up roll up! Witness the fantastic Spinner 360 and the magnificent Sprocket Rocket join forces for this workshop to bring you a real panoramic power show! Come & get a hands on experience of their extreme angles and sprocketed strength – this is a wide one guys!

Photo by cyanwater

Wednesday 15/6 @ 6pm – Pinhole sessions
It’s old-school, it’s lensless, it’s completely bonkers! Pinhole photography is as analogue as it gets and in this workshop we’ll be going through all the basics of this mysterious technique including exposure times, film speeds and different camera options. With the help of the Diana F+ you can then put the tips and tricks into practise and shoot your own set of some lusciously long pinhole exposures!

Photo by kleeblatt

Wednesday 29/6 @6pm – The Diana dialogues: When Diana F+ met the 35mm back adapter
Why settle for one frame when you can have four? The 35mm back not only allows you to shoot up to 36 photos but also gives you the option of shooting landscape, square, panoramic or even sprockets! This takes the Diana to a whole new level!

Photo by goldie

Tickets cost £10 and include a presentation, a lend-a-camera, a roll of film and 10% discount off film processing. Please bring a valid ID if you are borrowing a camera.

Saturday 25/6 @ 1pm – The East End Hoola Hooping multilens madness!
What would make some multilens cameras and the Spinner 360 even more fun?? HOOLA HOOPS! ! We’ve teamed up with the hoola hoop expert Heidi to bring you an awesome hippy shaky workshop in the East End Allen Gardens. Just grab a camera of your choice and let Heidi show you all the best moves for you to capture on some action packed film!

Photo by pederzani

Tickets are £10 and include a short presentation, lend-a-hoop, a lend-a-camera, a roll of film plus 10% off film processing. Please bring a valid ID if you are borrowing a camera. Hoops will be available for purchase on the day should you catch the hippy hippy shakes!


Lomography Gallery Store East London
117 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BG.

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