Morrocoy National Park


I was recently checking my first lomographs and I found a series of photographs I shot in Venezuela, my homeland. It's a paradise on Earth!

You may have heard that the most beautiful women in the world live in Venezuela, and that it has an endless natural beauty: well, I can confirm that, everything is true and this location is an example of this.

One of my favourite places in Venezuela, where it’s always summer, is Morrocoy National Park. This park is located approximately four hours from Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, and it’s a group of islets or “cayos” with white sand, surrounded by calm, crystal water, with an indescribable blue color that will shock you by its beauty and that will make you feel right in heaven.

You can get to the beaches by taking one of the many boats located mainland, they are called “peñeros”, or little wooden boats made by local fishermen. Regarding accommodations, you can stay in tents on the islands, but you need to have a permission for that. There are many hotels and inns (local family houses) in the coast where you can stay, but it’s advisable to choose a good place via internet before going there.

The net has a lot of information about this wonderful place, and these are my pictures, I hope you like them! Back then I couldn’t handle my Diana very well, in fact, it’s still a bit difficult for me! ;)

I almost forgot to give you a tip: if you ever go to any beach in Venezuela, try Whiskey with Coconut water! ;)

written by horaciorv on 2011-05-10 in #world #locations #tucacas #lomo #venezuela #caracas #islands #paradise #beautiful #morrocoy #beach #sun #sea #lomography #summer
translated by aguigabriela


  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·


  2. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    It's on my list of places to go don't worry ;)

  3. aguigabriela
    aguigabriela ·

    Good, Willy! I just realized I made a couple of mistakes but I translated it like in 5 minutes!

  4. melache
    melache ·

    ¡Me encantó la foto de los pelicanos!

  5. marshrutniy
    marshrutniy ·

    :) In three weeks I m going to Venezuela!!!! Las fotos son estupendos!

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