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Stephan Kaps aka "mephisto19": is one of the most active Lomographers in the community. He is a __staatlich geprüfter Atem-, Sprech- und Stimmlehrer nach Schlaffhorst und Andersen__ (speech-, breath- and voice teacher method Schlaffhorst- Andersen) - whew! - based in Lindhorst, Germany. Besides Lomography, Stephan is involved in organizing culture stuff (theatre, readings, etc.), hanging out with friends, reading, listening to music, as well as cooking and baking!

Stephan Kaps aka mephisto19 is one of the most active Lomographers in the community. He is a staatlich geprüfter Atem-, Sprech- und Stimmlehrer nach Schlaffhorst und Andersen (speech-, breath- and voice teacher method Schlaffhorst- Andersen) – whew! – based in Lindhorst, Germany. Besides Lomography, Stephan is involved in organizing culture stuff (theatre, readings, etc.), hanging out with friends, reading, listening to music, as well as cooking and baking!

How did you discover Lomography? I saw a documentary on German tv and the drummer of a band making Actionsampler- shots onstage, so I bought one. A few years later I saw the plastic- fantastic-offer and I was addicted.

What’s your preferred film + camera combo? I LOVE Agfa CT Precisa x-pro and my LC-A of course. Oh… and Diana+. It makes so wonderful images. And I like Holga135! Oh ja. And Horizon. And all weather Actionsampler. And Supersampler. And Oktomat. And Frogeye. And Fisheye (with submarine). And….

You’ve won so many LSI awards! Among all of them, which is your favourite? The award I favour most is the Absolut-rumble-award (if you don’t count the very first award: Oktokino, cause that was thrilling and crazy and screaming and jumping), because it offered the chance to go to LWC in London.

What’s the strangest/creepiest/saddest moment that you’ve had while taking pictures? One man shouted at me, because I took a flash photo of him in London underground. That was scary! Or the man who waited for me in front of a bank because I took a picture outside his diner. Sad was not inserting a film correctly to my LC-A. I nearly cried.

A day in the life of Mephisto19: Getting up and being tired. Staying tired all day long. But… there is coffee! I love coffee. Going to work, shooting out of the car, calling friends, making nice food, go online, scan images, check my guestbook entries and if there are new competiitons or rumbles… going to bed. Reading, listening to music….. nothing special. I am quite ordinary. Okay.. on Mondays I do a salsa-dance-course and Thursdays are for school- theatre…. 

What’s the most amazing thing that happened to you recently? There are so many amazing things: doing doubles with people throughout the world, being at LWC, making an exhibition, seeing some of my images printed in books, winning awards,…… (oh, and I’d really, really, love to win a mission once. Haven’t even been a runner up… and I’d love to be Lomo- Amigo, but I need a LC-A+ first…)

You have Bjork’s “It’s oh so quiet” video in your Lomohome! If you were to add three more songs for your Lomohome mixtape, which three songs would it be? Tough question cause it depends on my mood. I change my songs quite often. Before Björk I had magic flute, smashing pumpkins (today), rolling stones (wild horses),…. It mostly depends on my wall. Bbg_mae07 has an amazing song on her home. “Merry Happy” by kate nash. AMAZING! There are so many good songs and bands…. Ask me again when I changed the song

What annoys you (in general)? I think I myself annoy me most.

The best thing about your hometown is: äh…. If you are looking for a best thing there has to be a good thing. I don’t like my hometown itself that much, I like the region I live in, it is beautiful. And I like my flat. It is open for friends. Our garden, my balcony,… but the town itself…. Do you know the song samalltown (e.g. by lou reed and john cale on the stunning album “songs for drella”)? “you hate it and you know you have to leave”

Recommend something good.
oh…. As I said about music: many good things…. But a great newcomer is “get well soon” with their debut “rest now weary head you will get well soon” Buy it! Buy a diana+! I LOVE this camera!
A german book that is in everybodys mouth and hands: “feuchtgebiete” by Charlotte Roche, but one of the best books ever: “middlesex” (J. Eugenides)
And I still love “the centre of my world” /”die mitte der welt” by Andreas Steinhöfel.

written by shhquiet on 2008-06-20 in #news #interview


  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    thanks a lot that i could make this interview

  2. libellule
    libellule ·

    You've taken amazing shots, Such a pleasure to go through these pics!

  3. champi
    champi ·

    Cool ITW! That's a cool way to discover other lomographers!!

  4. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    mephisto's sausages are delicious!!
    what a lovely dude!

  5. superlighter
    superlighter ·'s also a fine image maker! :))

  6. gilaman
    gilaman ·

    scary encounter indeed!

  7. weechonghooi
    weechonghooi ·

    what an interesting interview~!!!
    You waterfall pinhole shots are really nice~!!
    And now this interview let us know you more~!!

  8. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    YAY! i love this guy!

  9. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Great interview Stephan, you really deserve it, you are a great guy and a great lomographer.
    Well done :)

  10. fotoglove
    fotoglove ·

    great stuff!! CHEERS :)


  11. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Yeah, great interview for a great lomographer!! As I began on, he was one of the first homes I discovered and amongst the first I had a contact with. He's a perfect "ambassador" of the lomography spirit :)) Viva mephisto19! :))
    Go Stephan, Go!! :))

  12. graefin
    graefin ·

    I still remember the day when Stephan wrote me a guestbook entry saying "Hi" and we found out that we live close to each other! He's the craziest lomoguy I know, always freaky, always in stres, always soooo kind! He really deserved this interview! (also because there are not sooo many really ACTIVE German lomographers - there are many german lomohomes but you can count the active ones on one hand...)
    and PLEASE let him win one mission :D

  13. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    so many nice comments
    thanks a lot to you all!

  14. ymmij
    ymmij ·

    amzing mate. :D great interview. :D

  15. saviorjosh
    saviorjosh ·

    congratulations stephan!! you are my hero!
    yes, like others, i really love the waterfall pinhole shots!

  16. gemma81de
    gemma81de ·

    Congratulations on the interview Stephan! :) How cool that I "know" you ;) I also like the chosen pics above. Oh, and funny thing: I just started reading Middlesex two days ago (it's about time). Love it so far :)

  17. bravopires
    bravopires ·

    as someone said. more or less. i dont remenber who. a lomographer. its a pleasure to be with you in the journey. and learn.

  18. weirdo
    weirdo ·

    you are awesome
    ; 0

  19. grenoouille
    grenoouille ·

    Shot 31 - first meet with Stephan - such an incredible wall! And what a nice guy!

  20. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Great interview, congrats Stephan!

  21. bbg_mae07
    bbg_mae07 ·

    nice interview and great gallery.... Rock you, Stephan!!!!

    MERRY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! :)

  22. fejao
    fejao ·

    What can I say about Stephan¿?¿?
    He was one of the guys that just flearting at his lomohome let me get more interest over this lomoworld
    my first doubles was with him
    I do remember when we met in person over the congress and the last time that we see each other when I passed by Hannover
    Its a shame that I dont have a lots of free time right now to pass by more often around here but Im sure that his keeping doing a lots of amazing stuffs around here

    CONGRATS man

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