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With a username fit for a superhero, I'm sure you've seen this name in the community - "Superlighter":! He is Aurelio Laloni, a Decorator based in Osimo, Marche region, Italy. He says he earned a diploma of Maestro d'Arte in Art School, but he doesn't feel like a Maestro! While he claims to be a non-musician, he does enjoy listening to music, and is a self-described "party DJ, a discreet painter, and a divine dancer." Now, let's get to know him more, shall we?

With a username fit for a superhero, I’m sure you’ve seen this name in the community – Superlighter! He is Aurelio Laloni, a Decorator based in Osimo, Marche region, Italy. He says he earned a diploma of Maestro d’Arte in Art School, but he doesn’t feel like a Maestro! While he claims to be a non-musician, he does enjoy listening to music, and is a self-described “party DJ, a discreet painter, and a divine dancer.” Now, let’s get to know him more, shall we?

How did you discover Lomography?
I discovered Lomography in the summer of 1997, it was the 13th of July, during the annual Inteatro Festival in Polverigi. At that time, the Italian Lomo embassy was one of the guests at this festival and for the occasion they built a giant Lomowall – it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

One of your photos showed a vast collection of cameras! Among all of them, which one is your favorite?
Yeah! I’ve more than 60 cameras and I’m almost in love with each one but if an earthquake strikes and I must quickly escape from home, I’ll put in safety the LCA for sure, and the Diana+! The LCA, because of the small size and the quality of the lens, it’s my swiss-knife, good for any occasion and it’s the camera that gave me the addiction. I also like the Diana+ because this funny camera surprises me every time, roll by roll. Then I’ll cry for all the other cameras left under the ruins … boohoo!

I see you’re also a big fan of music. Does music influence your photography?
This is a difficult question to answer… Well, I think that I have an aesthetic approach to any form of art and I’ve always liked excessive and transgressive artist and musicians. I was into the glam rock first, then into the punk movement, and at the same time I was fascinated by the first electronic pioneers, and from the psychedelia too, but funk music as well … now when I look at my shots, I can see my musical tastes reflected on many of them, the saturated colors, the high contrast, it’s like if my eyes are educated by my ears. An exploding plastic photo show!

Which of your photos are you most proud of?

One of my favourite photos is the shot that give me the LHOTD! The story behind this shot: it was the 6th of Kanuary of two years ago, one fresh and sunny Epiphany morning and I was walking in the center of my city when my attention was captured by an intense light that came from the usually dark ambient of the Town Hall atrium, a ray of sun was hitting the floor and reflect over one of the statues that adorn the atrium, it was a matter of seconds, entered the atrium, armed my LCA and shot it! This image is a good example of the place where I live and is also … very sexy!

Any funny Lomography-related stories?
Yes, when people ask me, “Hey, let me see how it came out…” then I turn the camera and … surprise! There’s no digital display!

Whose work do you find inspiring?
Without a doubt – the work of nature, first of all! Andy Warhol’s philosophy had a big influence on me and my mother’s cooking, she made a pizza that is a real inspiring masterpiece! Last but not the least, the works of a lot of Lomographers.

What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done to take a picture of something/someone?
Each time I ask the people to follow me to the bathroom of my favorite hangout place the Silicon bar, hahahaha you can’t imagine their faces before I tell them that I only want to shoot them a portrait and that the light in this bathroom is perfect for me!

What do you do to relax?
Answering this interview – it makes me feel very relaaaxed!

What’s the best thing about the place that you live in?
I must say that as for many other town in Italy, Osimo is a very nice place, lying over a hill, 20 minutes by car from the sea or one hour from the nearest mountains, a lot of antiquity, a stunning 360° panorama, there’s a lot of crazy peoples here, the inhabitants are called “SENZA TESTA” tr. HEADLESS PEOPLE because of the old Roman statues which were all decapitated and had their heads stolen by some army in the past century. For the rest … it’s a hole without any hope for the future!(that’s the punk in me talking) Oh … I forget to mention The Silicon bar, I hope I can have a drink with you there someday!

Hey, you love Rock ‘n’ Roll right? How about some recommendations?
Be intelligent, act as an “idiot” and don’t believe the Hype! So you’ll never get bored and never get old! Rock’n’Roll – the greatest invention of the past century…besides the cucaracha.Hahahaha!

What a very interesting interview! View Superlighter’s photos in the gallery (pictures taken with the ff. cameras – Lomo LCA, Holga 35mm, Diana+, Diana original, Fed50, Pop 9, Holga 135bc, Beirette vsn, Kodak Instamatic 500, Fisheye 2, Bencini Koroll II, Taxona (square format on 35mm),Werra,Polaroid image system, Agat 18k and Zenit 12CD). Yep, he’s a collector of analogue cameras!

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  1. ferro_ud
    ferro_ud ·

    wow! grandissimo Aurelio, complimenti davvero, te lo meriti.

  2. voteforlarry
    voteforlarry ·

    Some of those pictures were incredable.

  3. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    what a lovely interview and what a great gallery that'S up here


  4. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    grazie Federico!
    thank you voteforlarry!
    Stephan....a kiss!


  5. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    Amazing, what a nice collection of shots, great stuf :)

  6. sidra
    sidra ·

    waaaaaahhh!!! I wanna take pictures like you do!!!! All I can say is that I am Grrrreeen with envy at your talent.... WOW The photos are all wonderful!!!

  7. klingsor
    klingsor ·

    GRANDISSIMO!!! tra i migliori poco da fare!

  8. swieconek
    swieconek ·

    ...and his favorite movie is Blade Runner...
    ...and he is very jealous of my camera collection...

  9. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    lomodirk, thank you sincerily! are you going to x-process yourself? hahaha! THANK YOUUUU!!!!!
    GRAZIE klingsor! mi fai arrossire!
    swieconek, yes! Blade Runner is my fave movie but I swear you that I'm not jelous of your camera collection, I'm just Happy for you! believe me!

  10. grenoouille
    grenoouille ·

    Che lomo-intrigante questi italiani!
    Le più belle fotografie dell'Italia!
    Bravo Aurelio!

  11. bravopires
    bravopires ·

    yeah!!! great lomographs!

  12. layout
    layout ·

    This is great!

  13. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    grenouille, your compliments are...exaggerates but really apreciated and congratz for your italian!
    bravopires, thank you so much
    and thank you too, layout!

  14. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    What a great lomographer you are Aurelio! Your shots are always very inspirating for me and I hope I can reach your level of camera collector one day! :)) Go superlighter, go!! :))))

  15. bccbarbosa
    bccbarbosa ·

    Excellent interview of a living legend! What a nice taste you got Aurelio!! When I grow up I wanna be like you!! =)

  16. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Took me about 3 years to find this article. Next year is your 15 years!! Excellent Interview!!

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