Get the LC-A Book & LC-A+ for 2009 - LC-A 25th Anniversary Year!


<b>Get your LC-A+ ready for the 25th Anniversary of the LC-A</b>

Get your LC-A+ ready for the 25th Anniversary of the LC-A

Hard to believe but the legendary LC-A camera will be 25 years old in 2009! As the LC-A camera was the inspiration behind the foundation of Lomography, we could not even imagine letting this momentous occasion pass without marking it in a big way! 2009 is officially the year of the LC-A. Better prepare yourself for an event-packed year unlike any other full of exhibitions, projects, parties and other Lomographic happenings – all in honour of the amazing LOMO LC-A. So if you haven’t already got a LC-A+ you are definitely going to need one to be part of this year-long conga! There has never been a better time to snag yourself a LC-A+, especially because at the moment you can get the LOMO LC-A book free with every LC-A+ purchase. Remember! The LC-A Book is the essential accompaniment to the LC-A+ for the 25th Anniversary year! With this double act in hand, you’ll be a true LC-A aficionado!

Taster programme for LC-A’s 25th Anniversary Year!

Here’s a quick taster of the events and happenings you can expect in 2009 to celebrate the LC-A’s 25th Anniversary:

  • Birthday parties, events and exhibitions in our Galleryshops and embassies worldwide
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Community organised parties
  • Limited LC-A Edition cameras
  • Postcard contest

The Community Behind the Book

Simply put, this book was a community effort and a must-have for all LC-A lovers and analogue admirers. A total of 451 photographers submitted to the 2006 online rumble and from this number 263 users have images featured in the LC-A book. We’d like to thank everyone who submitted images for the book. It was almost impossible to select just 3,000 pictures! In fact, we were so impressed with the quality of entries that we felt it only right to showcase all 10,000 in a huge LC-A gallery. Take a look and see if you can find yours!

Get the LOMO LC-A Book FREE when you buy a LC-A+

Yes, you did read correctly! We are giving you the chance to pick up our literary labour of love and ultimate LC-A image bible; the LOMO LC-A book, for FREE! Get the LC-A Book worth EUR 80/US$ 100 free when you buy a brand new LC -A+* (while stocks last). Take this limited window of opportunity to make the hunk of pure hardback Lomography that is the LOMO LC-A book yours!

The offer is also valid on LC-A+ packages!

*shipping charges apply to orders outside Europe, the US and Canada.

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  1. saviorjosh
    saviorjosh · edition LC-As and postcard contest...great ideas! can't wait!

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