Fuji Superia (35mm, 1600 iso) user- review


Great saturation but not as sensitive as you would think in low light conditions i would've thought that somehow needs the help of flash.

Great saturation but not as sensitive as you would think in low light conditions i would’ve thought that somehow needs the help of flash.

I love going to gigs, and I love using my Fisheye so I decided to combine my love on both of these and purchased some 1600iso film as I heard that it’s quite handy in the dark. I tracked down some Fuji Superia 1600iso on another website as shipping costs to Britain I would consider a little too high just for film. Anyway I took a few shots in the daylight and some in my house and then waited for the concert.

I knew pictures would come out better with flash but I ran out of batteries as flash was left on in my bag for hours and drained the batteries. I thought “ah its okay this film is mega high speed”. Much to my disappointment when I got my snaps developed of my fave band none of the picture had come out due to my stupid flash not working. NONE at all. “Ah well I thought, there’s always that house party”, so I took it along to my friend’s house party along with my very handy colour splash flash.

I have never seen such good picture with coloursplash ever! The colours were mind boggling, I’d definitely buy it again just for that, and remember to bring spare batteries to any more concerts I go to.

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  1. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    I've shot this film in the dark without flash on many occasions (outside night time and indoor concerts) and never had any problems, so I was quite surpriced to see that you had such a bad experience. However, I've mostly used my LC-A which has a built-in light meter that adjusts the shutter speed accordingly, so maybe the Fisheye is simply not the optimal camera for this film and light condition...

    Here's a couple if my albums for reference:

    Brussels by night (LC-A):

    Concert roll #1 (LC-A):

    Concert roll #2 (Holga 120):

    It's really nice to see that you got such great results with the flash though! I never thought of using high speed film together with a flash, I'll give it a try now =)

    Cheers from Sweden!

  2. welcometotheriot
    welcometotheriot ·

    I feel your pain! This film and the fisheye's internal flash aren't exactly the best combination..

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