The Million Piggies Giveaway: Day 3 – Luscious LomoWalls


It’s Day 3 of Lomography’s massive Million Piggy Giveaway and we’ve got a new Challenge for you - Build 3 new LomoWalls today and we’ll give you 5 Piggy Points! Read on for full details…

Credits: vicuna

Luscious LomoWalls Challenge

Build 3 new LomoWalls today and we’ll reward your hard work with 5 Piggies!

Do you like building? We hope so because today we want you to publish 3 new LomoWalls! But don’t worry, all that work won’t be for nothing – If you complete the challenge, we’ll reward your efforts with 5 Piggy Points!

The Piggy Points will be awarded to you automatically on completion of the challenge.


Credits: bakeylove

Check Your Progress

You can check your progress on each of the Piggy Challenges by taking a look at the Million Piggies Tracker which is displayed in your LomoHome – The tracker tells you what percentage of the Challenge you’ve completed, so you know exactly what you’ve got to do to earn those prized Piggies!

How To Build a LomoWall

Never built a LomoWall before? No worries, watch this video and you should be ready to get started!

One thing you do need to create a LomoWall is some photos and a LomoHome –Don’t have one? No worries, register here and become part of a global community of analogue enthusiasts!

Don’t worry if you can’t complete today’s challenge – There will be a new challenge posted tomorrow so you’ll have another chance to win some Piggies!

Head to the Million Piggies Microsite to see how many Piggies have been given away so far!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    hey, thanks for using one of my pics for the article :))

  2. adrienne-is
    adrienne-is ·

    my walls are done! wahoo!

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    me too! yeaaahhh!!

  4. jblaze823
    jblaze823 ·

    my walls are complete, but I don't see that they are being tracked as uploaded

  5. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    so ummm...these pigs are hungry

  6. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·


  7. snappyrg
    snappyrg ·


  8. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    the microsite doesn't show the total given away so far, yet, that would be cool :)

  9. veato
  10. ricah_018
    ricah_018 ·

    seeing a lot of piggy-related walls here. did i miss the memo? my walls aren't piggy-related but they were credited for the challenge.

  11. miss_maha
    miss_maha ·

    Wait, you can only make 3 a day? haha then I'm screwed :p I uploaded one this morning as a test for today, deleted that one and got on with building the other three.. but now I can't upload the last one =< too bad.

  12. miss_maha
    miss_maha ·

    ps and with that test-one I mean a wall I had saved before and pulished now.. they don't get counted :p

  13. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @ricah_018 - No, don't worry all LomoWalls count!

  14. jblaze823
    jblaze823 ·

    Still haven't received credit for my 3 walls, did I miss something???

  15. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @jblaze823 - Piggy Points are awarded when the Challenge is over, so don't worry you'll get them soon :-)

  16. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Too bad that the "piggy-count-o-meter" doesn't show the real amount of given piggies... to know if we are getting close to these famous 1 million piggies.... How much was given out already? Thought it was the purpose of this "count-o-meter"....

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