Photography as Emotion: andredimu

*Once upon a time... and so... one day... how did you discover photography?* My first camera was the Olympus Trip Junior as a gift when I was about 10-12 years old, today I'm still jealously of it as well as the photos shooted with. I spent whole afternoons watching old photos taken by my parents when they were young until my childhood... color or b/w photos in many different size! Photos that tell their story and even mine. I think passion for photography started then when I tryed to understand why a photo was taken. What did they want to fix in time? A memory, an emotion, a landscape, an anniversary or what? Why did they chose that pose, place or time? Then I understood. Simply because those moments, faces and places seemed fine for them. For me photography means just this: look around and discover the beauty.

How did Lomography change your photography way?
Back thinking and reminding. I know the Lomography Rule #6 says “Don’t think” but it doesn’t mean “taking a picture just to do it”. Thanks to digital era, that I not deny, now we have even more small and compact camera and photography is a daily activity for most of the people no longer (unfortunately) important… I think they only press the shutter button… – the typical example is Facebook … – just seeing the preview on back, than these photos are soon forget in some memory card, PC’s hard disck, phone or “profile pages” and never seen again. Everything make me sad.

Camera like a….? What does it mean using a camera for you?
The lens are the extension of my eyes and view. Pressing the shutter button is like freezing a mental image and let myself surprised by the result. There is always something unexpected that our eyes not see.
A photo is the moment when a thought arises.

What’s your mood to obtain your best shots?
Open eyes surround me, without taking anything granted or thinking that any subject seems to be obvious. Be amazed, every time.

When you say “WOW!” for a photo?
Just when I find it beautiful! If it’s a photo of mine when the result satisfy me

What experiences indicated your growth in photography? How long have you been a Lomographer?
I’m a Lomographer only from a few months. Every picture is an important experience. I check out my pictures and I always try to improve my self just from the next film. I think It’s very important to obser the other works, not for copying style or technique, but only to learn. With the passing of time everyone can find their personal style.

When it comes to your work, whose feedback is important to you?
Taking photos only to get compliments or recognitions it’s not a good thing… I believe we have to photograph for ourself, just like an addiction, without worrying about critiques or awards. However… when your work likes, it’ great! But we must don’t forget that each our photo is a starting point, not a goal.
The person most care to me in my life said to me: “I’d like to see through your eyes” that make me happy and touched me so much.

If photography is art, what does it represent to you? And if it were a book, movie and a song, which would it be?
Novels, movies and songs evoke images, and this is the art of photography and, in my opinion, the purpose of making art. Forgive me, but like Proust in his questionnaire said… I am not educated enough to answer this question.

Landscapes or portraits?
Landscapes IN portraits! I’m very fan of double and triple exposures!

Why do you prefer “analogue”?
I like to think I’m a native analog! My generation has lived through and grown up the passage from analog to digital technology in all fields and very fast: from cassettes to CDs to mp3 players, from videotapes to DVDs, from phone to cellphone to smartphone, from floppy disks to USB sticks, from film to memory cards… We are geek but nostalgic, more or less!

What do you love about Lomography?
Lomography and its world are giving to me the opportunity to show myself doing what I like in an old way, but for me brand new at the same time. When you holding a negative and then see a picture developed, it’s a new sensation! It’s Photography with a capital P!

What’s your proudest moment?
I have to be honest … almost never! I’m a natural born disappointed!

This has nothing to do with photography but what do you eat for breakfast?
Toast, cappuccino and cereal.

Name (Real): Andrea
Lomography username: andredimu
*Age:" 31
*Particular Signs" hypercritica
*Favorite cameras:" Diana F+; Diana Mini.
==Here==" you can see his photos!

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translated by andredimu

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