Camden Town - The neverending market place!

Camden Town is a decadent heaven for any travelling lomographers - especially if you love punk rock or heavy metal.

There is so much to see and do in Camden, that it could easily warrant its own guide book. But here’s a bite-size article to give you a taster of why these endless markets are a must for anyone visiting London – photographer or otherwise.

The highlights of Camden can be found on the main high street between Mornington Crescent and Chalk farm tube stations, but for convenience, Camden Town Station dumps you straight into the heart of the wild.

This town is famed for its expansive market places full of great band shirts, funky clothes, unique handmade jewelry, accessories and other bargains waiting to be snapped up. Each market is slightly different, so there’s always something new or interesting to aim your lenses at as you wander around. The most famous of which, ’ The Camden Market ’ sells mainly modern clothes for the latest fashions. The Lock Market (my favourite) offers great band t-shirts, awesome vintage stores and tasty food. The Horse Tunnel market sells loads of vintage products such as toys and comics, antiques and retro clothes. And these are just a small selection of the many markets spread throughout the area – I hope you’re ready to haggle.

Keep an eye out, as you wander toward the lock, for the various sculptures bursting out of the shop fronts. Camden is full of interesting sculptures or statues, see how many you can find.

One particular mind-blowing shop you must check out, despite their ban on photography, is Cyber Dog. It’s like a rave in a shop. Specializing in futuristic, robotic outfits for modern Ravers, I’ve never seen anything quite like it anywhere else before – With music blaring from the moment you walk in, you almost forget that you’re not in a club – they even have dancing Rave girls on podia. The robotic sculptures and statues inside are fascinating too.

If your legs are getting tired and you want a break, why not sample some of the food on offer. The stables and lock markets are full of stalls selling loads of flavours from around the world. If a cold beverage is more what you’re after, the street is full of great pubs too. The World’s End, next to Camden Town Station, is a huge, traditional English pub, or you could visit the infamous Hawley Arms, a regular haunt for a certain Miss Amy Winehouse.

If it’s a nice day, why not take your food or drink down to the canal and sit by the water, in the sunshine and relax.

And as the day becomes night, it wouldn’t be Camden without live music. The town is literally full of amazing, intimate, independent music venues – 3 of my favourite venues are located on this one street, but I’ll tell you more about those on another page.

So in short, there are so many interesting, colourful things to see and take pictures of, but aside from photography, its a great place to shop and even better place to rock out.

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