Analogue Lesson #1: Delaying Gratification


In today’s single-serving, instant lifestyles, Lomography continues to teach us on how be patient, and on how to delay gratification.

Much of the things we have nowadays come to us at an instant; instant coffee, instant noodles, instant projects, instant photographs. So much so, that the words “patience” or “waiting” have become increasingly low register words. Although, we do appreciate the convenience that advancement in technology as afforded us, it is also important for us to be reminded of other human values, such as delaying gratification. Even the psychologist Sigmund Freud was particular in pointing out that our Ego or Self should be able to control our Id, which continues to seek out immediate pleasures.

Lomography and analogue photography in general still continues to impart to us this important lesson in life. That is, good things come to those who wait. While digital photography lets you view a photograph in an instant, analogue photography forces you to wait and be patient. It will not pamper you in a way digital photography does. As you round up your roll of film, and as you wait for it to be developed, printed or scanned, tension builds up. And, when you finally see the photos, that feeling is just priceless. The tension you have bottle up for quite a while is released, and erupts into what one might describe as ecstasy! More than the elation from your wonderful photographs, the feeling is amplified a hundred fold, because you delayed your gratification.

Here in the Philippines, we take the delaying in a whole new level. Not only do we wait for a roll of film, some of us wait until we finish five rolls! In the interest of saving money, some of us here, take advantage of a photo lab’s promo of developing and scanning films for less if you have more than one roll to be processed. After leaving the rolls at the photo lab, we still would have to wait for five day, before the scans are delivered to our doorsteps.

In an even higher order of delay is a project, which I am currently a part of, “While We Wait”. This endeavor involves shooting for twelve months, and processing the photos a year after the project has started! Now this will surely test your patience.

This lesson extends beyond the realms of analogue photography, and into our very own lives. Beautiful things will come our way; perhaps not as immediately as we wish them to. And when they finally do so, all that waiting and delay would have been worth it; making you more appreciative of your countless blessings.

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  1. eukanooba
    eukanooba ·

    low-res ang scanner ng digiprint

  2. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    What kind of liberal paradise do you live in to imprison a dog in such a luxurious and spacious cage? In my country we eat them.

  3. gabid
    gabid ·

    I like the idea of the gratification being grater if you wait, but I really don't think that a year wil be any good. For one, you will get so many photos at once that you will not be able to appreciate each one as you would if you had them developed regularly throughout the year, and also the gratification will come and go while if you developed them regularily, you will keep it up.
    But that is of course just my thinking and i wish you luck with it! :)

  4. renenob
    renenob ·

    @gabid: It's just for the special project. Besides, its only 1 roll of film for the entire year. We can still shoot and process other films using other cameras. Check this out:…

  5. gabid
    gabid ·

    Okay, I totally love the letter idea. I think it just makes the whole thing so much more special and magical I guess. I see what you mean now, It is a pretty good idea when you look at it this way. I'm sorry, I didn't get that it was just one roll of film for the year, this makes so much more sense now.
    I just know that curiosity would win over me :P

  6. francisnob
    francisnob ·

    About delayed gratification, when are you featuring me in one of your articles? :-)

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