My Friend Troch


Who is from Canada, have more than 3,200 photos and say "Art is not optional!" ? My Lomofriend Troch. You should meet her and her amazing talent with a camera. I've interviewed for all of you...

Who is behind the mask? Who is Troch?
Troch is who I am. I have shot analog photos for 35 or more years using that moniker, including exhibiting with various arts groups. I have another name (Mary Burgoyne) which I use to collect a salary in my day job, but I live my life as Troch.

Credits: troch

What is your Lomo story?
I have been a photographer and dedicated darkroom junkie all my life. I bought my first Holga on a whim in 2005. I had owned a Fujica 645 for years, so 120 rangefinder was no big surprise. I played with it for awhile and then started surfing the net for more information, which led me to Lomography. I joined in March of 2007 if memory serves me. By then, I had discovered Beau Photo in Vancouver. They stock and sell Lomography cameras and a wide array of film and darkroom supplies. My next camera was a Fisheye 2 and the acquisition continues.

Credits: troch

We’ve seen you photographing incredible landscapes, but what is your ideal location to shoot?
My ideal location would be the next valley over the hill I haven’t reached yet. Hopefully there would be lots of sun and old abandoned buildings to explore. also, I would need at least three cameras with a selection of film.

Credits: troch

What is your favorite lomo shot? Can you tell us why this photo?
I still have to go with:

Credits: troch

Color is attention grabbing and fun, but in my heart and soul, black and white rules. I have shot a lot of film of this building and whenever I need inspiration, I grab a camera and head over there.

Credits: troch

Do you think the best shot is yet to come? How do you imagine it?
Your best shot is always the one you haven’t taken yet. When in comes, it will be a happy accident, a convergence of art and heart and circumstance. And then you seek a better shot.

Credits: troch

Please confess us, what is your secret? The best combination of film and camera?
I can’t pick a favorite camera, so here are some of my favorite options: Holga 120N (I like the basic plastic feel) and Ilford HP5+; Diana F+ with 35mm back, fisheye or super wide lens and Lomo Rescale; and Diana F+ and any 120 slide film for cross processing.

Credits: troch

Something that we have to know (see) inside
Lomography is the most supportive artistic community I have ever been involved with. The sharing of technique within tipster is without rival and a must to anyone who really loves analog photography.

Credits: troch

And outside
We all need to tread lightly on this Earth and travel as much as we can to meet and exchange ideas with as many people as we can.

Credits: troch

A Lomo Dream?
My lomo dream would be to look at every photograph on the Lomography site (dream big people).

Credits: troch

And a Lomo Advise?
Lomo advice is simple, carry a camera and film with you every day, everywhere and don’t be shy about taking it out and using it. Play with it, experiment with cameras and film and have fun, every day!

Credits: troch

Do you want to add something?
Although my mailing address is Madeira Park, I actually live in a small area called Earl’s Cove in British Columbia. It’s really only a ferry terminal and a ragtag collection of houses spread over several dead end roads, but I love it. Also, I was using lowercase for my name long before kd lang came along.

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  1. mephisto19
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    super photo selection and Q&A!!!!!

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    This is great!! Amazing photos :)

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    nice photos ! : ))

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    Beautiful.... gallery!!

  5. sthomas68
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    Yay troch!

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    Troch is amazingly capable of handling B/Ws, she is kind of hero...

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    The great Troch !

  8. natalieerachel
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    Yeaaahh she's awesome :D
    And I love this quote:
    Your best shot is always the one you haven’t taken yet.

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    nice! Great Troch!

  10. warning
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    Troch is a very nice woman, with a very nice gallery!.

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    i love your photos, @troch... and this is a wonderful Q&A, @drame!

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    Awesome photos and great interview!!

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    great photos @troch as usual *salute*

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