RTC Rumble Week (Day 2): Abandoned Cityscape Winners


From the smiles everyone experienced, let's turn into a 360º turn to the spooks! This rumble surely gave us the chills only abandonment for years could produce.

From the smiles everyone experienced, let’s turn into a 360º turn to the spooks! This rumble surely gave us the chills only abandonment for years could produce.

With that in mind, our winners are:

1st Place (10 piggies):


Runners-Up (5 piggies):


For the winners, please head on to our Rumble FAQ for information on prize awarding. The piggies received for winning a rumble will be usable in the online shop for 1 month after installment.

written by kazarareta on 2008-10-14 in #competitions #piggy-points #rumble #winners #round-the-clock


  1. strangelilgirl
    strangelilgirl ·


  2. magicbus
    magicbus ·

    congrats to all. great shots!

  3. reinertlee
    reinertlee ·

    oh gosh! the first winning photo by grenoouille are fabulous!!

    Congrats to all!

  4. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    Congrats To The Winners! I really loved this rumble and really neat shots from everyone :)

  5. eastmoe
    eastmoe ·

    congrats to all..great pic.

  6. tracyvmoore
    tracyvmoore ·

    Grats everyone. All three are great shots. That first one really blows me away ;)

  7. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    cool shots
    when did this rumble take place?

  8. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    @mephisto19: last week during the rumble week series. :D

  9. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    brrrrrr.....scary shots! congratulations to the winners!

  10. aldo_mariano
    aldo_mariano ·

    In particular lomodirk.

  11. gemma81de
    gemma81de ·

    Congrats everyone! Those are all really spooky. :)

  12. tom_ashor_bhaan
    tom_ashor_bhaan ·

    i must say i did know that charlotte will win. but its not so spooky like her picture is!! haha, congrats!!

  13. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    oooh, creepy!

  14. kemumaki
    kemumaki ·


    do love the winning pic :)

  15. agrimony
    agrimony ·

    great winning shots!

  16. larslau
    larslau ·

    Very very cool shots!

  17. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    Ui! Thanx and congrats to the others ;)

  18. adzfar
    adzfar ·


  19. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Congrats, the chills are running up and down my spine!!

  20. stinketier
    stinketier ·

    Great Pictures, all of them.

  21. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    congrats guys...they're beauties of lomographs!

  22. drudolph
    drudolph ·

    Great shots! Congrats winners!

  23. vinter
    vinter ·

    Congrats indeed

  24. jelga
    jelga ·

    very very nice shots!! congrats

  25. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @grenoouille photo remind me of jpgmag.com/photos/346726 Is it at the same place & the same time?

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