Lomography in Company Magazine UK


Heidi, the UK Online Manager was lucky enough to be featured in one of the UK's biggest fashion magazines, Company, here's her story of how it all happened...

Company is a very well known magazine here in the UK, available at all newsagents and supermarkets, so when they contacted me and asked me to take part in a feature on young female photographers I (nervously) jumped at the chance!

January 2011 issue, out now!

I work in Lomography’s UK team, and I have shot millions of rolls on my Diana, but I am in no way a professional photographer. Like many Lomographers I have been bitten by the bug, and am constantly trying to improve and get that great shot, but to be under the pressure of knowing I HAD to get the shot was terrifying!

A few days before the shoot I was sent a call sheet, we would be shooting at a studio in Shoreditch, there was a make-up artist, an art director, and of course a professional model. All this? For me? The heat was well and truly on. Luckily, and completely by chance, the model that Company had picked was Zara Martin, who I had already met a few times as I had invited her to be a LomoAmigo so at least I knew that she would be a friendly face, with the added bonus that she is also really into Lomography!

So, after a quick last minute pep talk and advice session from Adam Scott (UK General Manager and brilliant photographer) off I went, armed with my trusty Diana F+, a telephoto lens, an LC-A+ and about 30 rolls of different films. The shoot of course turned out to be great fun, although I couldn’t sleep that night, wondering if anything would come out on my rolls the next day.

Luckily for me, the shots came out! I can’t tell you how relieved I was. I quickly sent them off to Company Magazine, and had a telephone interview with them about why I shoot film. here is the finished article…

These are the shots they chose, shot on the Diana F+ , with Lomography X-Pro Chrome film , using the flash and telephoto lens. This was a great tip Adam gave me; stand at least two metres from your subject, use the flash, and the telephoto lens will give you a really great sharp focus right in the centre, with a deep vignette.

Of course, these are not my favourite shots, so here are a few that didn’t make the cut…

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    This is really cool! Congrats :)

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    These are really great.

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    Congratulations, Heidi!

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    5 and 7 are killer shots ! I love the two shots they used and the article is great !

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    awesome stuff I do love #1 +# 7 from your faves.!

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    the first and last of your selection are really fantastic! If there's a diana book they should be in!

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    woohoo! :))

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    Congrats on the feature!

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