Music is Analogue


Lomography and music are for me, passions I can't live without. So it's logical that to use them during concerts was going to fill my life of fabulous moments.

Credits: zenline

With my Lomo LC-A+, I live these concerts with an indescribable intensity, the music and what the musicians make us share seem to me to cross the objective and remain to engrave in me.

Credits: zenline

The technical conditions to realize a successful concert photo are doubtless difficult, projectors changing every second, the low light and different according to the group and the room ; the musicians non-stop in movement ; the angle of view, the movements of the crowd, etc.
Nevertheless in spite of these difficulties, Lomography has its place, a place for vibrate in every sound, in every grain !

Credits: zenline

For the choice of film, for me it’s better to choose sensibilities high as 800 ISO because of little of light, but nothing prevents you from playing to change the ISO of your LC-A+ or to use more low if the light is sufficient.

As regards my choice of camera, it’s limited because I have only a LC-A+ and a Diana F+ (I’m a beginner in Lomography!). But even if my apartment became supernaturally a Lomography Gallery Store (I’m also a dreamer!) my choice would go on a LC-A+ for its on-point automatic exposure and its expanded film ISO settings from 100 to 1600 (important qualities with regard to the technical difficulties previously quoted), and the possibility of making double exposures, which gives a surrealist side to the concert.

Credits: zenline

But even if certain cameras and films are better adapted than others, any photo will bring satisfaction because it will be the concrete and tangible memory of this magic moment. In fact, the technical difficulties give an additional surprise.

Enjoy LOMO ! Enjoy MUSIC !

The bands which are present on these photos are :

written by zenline on 2011-02-01 in #lifestyle #band #concert #tunng #lomography #analogue #harlanelison #passion #moriarty #music #show-live #hannah #lc-a


  1. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    you have a great look in those photos...analogue and unique

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Awsome fotos, weldonw... <:))

  3. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    I love taking photos at concerts! Good job!

  4. johann_affendy
    johann_affendy ·

    good article. was thinking of doing a similar one, but for a different genre of music.

  5. eatcpcks
    eatcpcks ·

    Love those shots!

  6. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    Sound and Vision! great doubles!

  7. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    i saw tunng twice already, love them! nice work!

  8. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    superbes !

  9. artichekt
    artichekt ·

    Good job! As always! ;-)

  10. pepper-b
    pepper-b ·

    Love your shots! Love you article!! Keep up that great work!! :))

  11. selphiebooyaka
    selphiebooyaka ·

    This is everything I want out of every concert I go to

  12. haydee
    haydee ·

    Great photos!!!
    I totally agree with you: "Lomography and music are for me, passions I can't live without" :)

  13. liviacteixeira
    liviacteixeira ·

    Super great shots! :)

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