UK Lomographic Lives no. 6: 60b

This week we bring you 60b, a little about the man behind the photos, and why he loves Lomography!

Vital statistics
Name: Paul Grant
Lomohome: 60B
Where I Live: Boat of Garten, Scotland (middle of nowhere really)
Age: 19
Dayjob: Folder Production Assistant

Pauls favourite shot

I like to think of this picture as part natural part pose. The Chris on the left saw that I was about to take a photo while the Chris on the right didn’t until the flash cracked. Taken just days after I took up Lomography and the first time I used the flash with people.

How long I’ve been a Lomographer:
Since June this year. Bought a Holga 135 after discovering Lomography through a friend.

Favourite Camera/Film/Accessory Combination:
Anything with the Colorsplash as its quite powerful. I guess I have to go with my Fed 5B and Agfa Silvertone. I loaded it when it was quite sunny but as Scottish weather does, it turned dark and rainy. Despite that, the Silvertone exposed pretty bang on. A Diana Mini and the XR Redscale are a mean mix.

My Gallery

In my own words….
As far back as I can remember, I’ve had an on/ off relationship with photography but I could never work out why the photos I took on my digital “point and shoots” turned out like I saw them in my head. Since discovering Lomography, I think my skills to compose and judge a good shot have improved. This may have something to do with not knowing how the shot will turn out and lack of automatic modes. Living in the Highlands of Scotland, my favourite subject is the landscape around me. Whilst I like the idea of street photography, we live in different times and people aren’t so keen on having people they don’t know taking pictures of them. As a community, Lomography has the potential to expand and educate. What I mean is expand into other film formats (110 and 127 spring to mind) and more stores. Though I’m no expert, I can’t imagine the job of deciding where to open a new store is an easy one. Most people think of film as disposable cameras and holiday snaps and obsolete. But there is a whole lot more to film than pictures of your granny sunbathing in Mallorca as the pictures here prove. We could do a lot by getting people’s attention by showing the wider public what we do and how we do it. I think its fair to say I’m passionate about Lomography and film in general. There is so much more soul.

Ones to watch:

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