DigitaLiza: Perfect Companion for Your Pano-cameras!


What if you always wanted to shoot panoramic photos complete with sprockets but can't afford the expensive scanning at your local photolab? Buy a DigitaLiza!

As usual, I can count on to come out with innovative new products that save me $$. DigitaLiza 35mm scanning mask is an accessory that allows you to scan 35mm panoramic shots, including the sprockets. I had always wondered why it is so much more expensive to scan films with sprockets at the photolab. After I bought the DigitaLiza and tried DIY scanning, I begin to appreciate the enormous amount of time and effort required, and the cost is rightly justified.

DigitaLiza consists of 3 parts, the steel bottom, the holder, and the “lid”.

Operation is simple and from my experience is best done on a flat surface. First, open the holder and place it on top of the steel plate. Lay your film in the holder. Close the holder and then put the “lid” onto the film. The magnet in the lid will press the film flat against the steel plate. The next part is somewhat the reverse of the previous 3 steps. Pull out the lid and lift the holder from the steel plate. Lay and align the holder (with the film) onto your scanner. Proceed to scan!

The DigitaLiza allows you to scan up to 6 frames each time. Meaning you can scan 3 Sprocket Rocket shots or 1 Spinner 360 shot. This is really convenient and speeds up my scanning productivity. Here are some photos scanned with DigitaLiza! The results are awesome!

If you intend to buy a panoramic camera and are doing DIY scanning, I would strongly recommend that you get one to save $$ in the long run!

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Hi! For doing this you need a special scanner, right?

  2. nigelk
    nigelk ·

    I received my Digitaliza holders (35mm and 120 film) last week. They are fantastic and I think they work better than the negative holders that came with my Epson v700 Photo scanner.

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    But... you need a PHOTO SCANNER, right? If you have one that works with 120 it will also work with 35mm with sprockets... right?

  4. vanc180sx
    vanc180sx ·

    hi guys , have you guys heard about canon Lide 210 / Lide 700F scanner ? will it scan panaroma and 120 Film ? i m looking for a budget scanner :)

  5. coolsigg
    coolsigg ·

    hi guys, I m using Epson V500 photo scanner. So far so good. it comes with holders to scan 35mm, 120mm (mounted and unmounted) films. But these holders dont allow me to scan the 35mm films with sprockets. If I use the DigitaLiza, I just place it on the scanner without using the Epson provided holders. Hope this helps. :)

  6. nigelk
    nigelk ·

    You will need a scanner that has backlighting. This is a light in the lid of the scanner that illuminates the negative. The reason I bought the DigitaLiza was to get a full scan of the negative, including panorama and/or sprocket shots. I bought 2 separate DigitaLizas - one for 35mm and another for 120. The 120 holder is too wide to accommodate 35mm film, that's why you need a separate one.

  7. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Thank you! I'm thinking about buying the epson v500 but I though it would work for sprockets without the DigitaLiza...

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