December Lomography Workshops in NYC!

Let Loose this holiday season with a myriad of Lomographic Workshops! Our in-store workshops are a great way to learn tips and tricks for your Lomography camera or to try one before you buy.

  • Saturday, Dec 4th: Spinner Workshop: 1pm (Gramercy)
  • Sunday, Dec 5th: Walking Tour of New Neighborhood: 1pm (Gramercy)
  • Saturday, Dec 11th: Analogue Love: 1pm (Greenwich Village)
  • Sunday, Dec 12th: The Great Cross-Town Scavenger Hunt: 12pm (Gramercy)
  • Monday, Dec 13th: Meet the Lomo LC-A+: 3pm (Greenwich Village)
  • Tuesday, Dec 14th: Spool is in Session: A workshop about Film: 3pm (Gramercy)
  • Wednesday, Dec 15th: An Evening in Greenwich Village Walking Tour: 6pm (Greenwich Village)
  • Thursday, Dec 16th: Lubitel Lovers: 1pm (Gramercy)
  • Friday, Dec 17th: Adventures in Pinhole Lomography: 1pm (Greenwich Village)
  • Saturday, Dec 18th: Take off with the Sprocket Rocket: 1pm (Gramercy)
  • Sunday, Dec 19th: Plastic Fantastic: 1pm (Greenwich Village)
  • Monday, Dec 20th: An Evening with the LC-A+: 3pm (Gramercy)
  • Tuesday, Dec 21st: Spool is in Session: A workshop about Film: 3pm (Greenwich Village)
  • Wednesday, Dec 22nd: Spinner Workshop 1pm (Gramercy)
  • Thursday, Dec 23rd: Diana Dialogues 1pm (Greenwich Village)
  • Sunday, Dec 26th: Diana Dialogues 1pm (Gramercy)
  • Monday, Dec 27th: Light Painting 6pm (Greenwich Village)
  • Tuesday, Dec 28th: Plastic Fantastic 1pm (Gramercy)
  • Wednesday, Dec 29th: Meet the Diana Mini 1pm (Greenwich Village)
  • Thursday, Dec 30th: Analogue Love 1pm (Gramercy)

*Spinner Workshop: Learn all about the most dizzying member of the Lomographic family, the Lomography Spinner 360. Capture all 360 degrees of Lomographic goodness around you and learn crazy techniques with this utterly unique camera.

Walking Tour of New Neighborhood: Join us on a LomoJourney around our newest ’hood! Check out the legendary architechture of the nearby flatiron building and the relaxing shade of Madison Square Park. Borrow an LC-A+, Diana F+, Diana Mini, Fisheye 2 or ColorSplash camera. This workshop is free!

Analogue Love: This entire holiday season, Lomography is celebrating our love for all things Analogue. From Analogue photography, to vinyl records, to abstract analogue concepts like love, dreams, passions and ideas. But for one special day, we’re going to have the ultimate Analogue workshop with tips, tricks, techniques and experiments into Analogue Photography. But that’s not all! We want you to join in as well! Bring in your photos, your favorite technique, that accidental masterpiece you can’t explain, or just show off that cool camera you found at the flea market! We’ll have warm drinks and cookies, and go shooting with the camera of your choice. We’ll share stories, swap film (and maybe even phone numbers) and rejoice in our love for Analogue! This workshop is FREE!

The Great Cross-Town Scavenger Hunt! An NYC photo-scavenger hunt analouge style! Come to the Gramercy store, sign up and break into teams. Each team gets a camera, film and a list of what must be photographed. Lomo your way to the finish line at the Greenwich Village shop where your team’s film will be processed on the spot! The first team to finish with all the qualifications wins a special gift! Cost is $15 per team, and includes 1 free roll of film + processing!

*Meet the Lomo LC-A+: Lomography has always been both an analogue photography movement, AND a social movement. Its greatest form of communication has been the photos taken by the Lomo LC-A. Lomographers around the world have been using this snapshot wonder to communicate through their photographs for years. In this workshop, discover the LC-A’s history from its early days as the Russian everyman camera, to when it became the spark that ignited the fire in the hearts of a million Lomographers around the world! Learn tips, tricks, and techniques of Lomography’s core camera.

*Spool is in Session: A Workshop about Film: Lomography cameras are the hardware of analogue photography, but film will always be the software. So how do you make sense of all the different film choices out there? There’s the eye-popping color explosion of cross-processed slide film – the delicate nuances of the finest color negative film – and the smooth grains of the classic black and white. Film offers the analog photographer so many choices, so many varying effects, and so many inspiring results that it helps to have a better understanding of all the creative possibilities of that super-sensitive analog life-force that we call “film!” In this workshop we’ll cover all the bases before hitting the streets with our film of choice. Cost $10 (students $7),
and includes a loaner camera and 1 free roll of Lomography film, or 50% off any 2 film rolls of your choice.

An Evening in Greenwich Village Walking Tour: Things always look a bit more magical at night. Join us as we explore the shadows of Greenwich Village. Borrow one of our cameras and load up on some fast film for color-dripping night shots galore! This workshop is free.

*Lubitel Lovers: Shooting with the Lubitel+ is different than anything you’ve experienced before. There’s just something about that plastic body; something about peering down through that waist-level viewfinder to size up your subject with the top lens and capture it through the crisp glass lens on the bottom. Join us for an intimate and comprehensive introduction to the Lubitel 166+ and its history, along with tips, tricks, and techniques that will turn you into a Lubitel Lover for life. A basic understanding of photography is helpful, but beginners are welcome!

*Adventures in Pinhole Lomography: Lens-less photography is as old-school as it gets, and Lomography is all about celebrating the limitless creativity of analogue pinhole photography. Join us for an introduction to shooting with pinhole, as we discuss the basics and history of lens-less photography. We will also explore the many pinhole camera options available at the Lomography Gallery Store, including the latest (and possibly most exciting) entry point to the pinhole universe, the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator. Bring your Diana Multi Pinhole Operator for free admission, or borrow a Diana+ camera and try out some pinhole experiments with hands-on guidance.

*Take off with the Sprocket Rocket! Get ready to launch your creativity with the newest member of the Lomography family – the Sprocket Rocket – The World’s first 35mm panoramic camera with exposed sprocket holes! Learn some techniques and get your hands on one to try for yourself.

*Plastic Phantastic! Lomography’s plastic cameras are cornerstones of the analogue photography movement. From multi-lens marvels like the Actionsampler, Supersampler, Oktomat, and Pop 9, to the 170 degree-grabbing magic of the Fisheye and Fisheye 2 cameras, to the color-drenching awesomeness of the Colorsplash camera, Lomography’s plastic cameras are exciting creative tools that produce an incredible range of images. In this workshop we’ll discuss each of the plastic cameras and learn fun techniques and tricks that will open up a world of shooting possibilities.

*An Evening with the LC-A+: Join us for the intimate evening version of the popular Lomo LC-A+ workshop and learn how to shoot with this amazing camera in low-light situations!

*Diana Dialogues: The little plastic camera that started 2 revolutions! Trace the Diana’s roots back to where it all began: learn how the camera has affected trends and become a classic artistic tool for several generations of photographers. In 2007 this camera was reborn as the Diana+, Lomography’s most versatile and successful camera ever. Discover all the incredible accessories that make the Diana+ and DianaF+ the cameras that the whole world is buzzing about and pick up tips, tricks, and dazzling techniques. During the second half of the workshop, borrow a loaner camera and join us for a LomoJourney around the neighborhood and experience the fun of Lomography first hand!

*Light Painting: Light up New York City with a very special workshop on one of the most creative and exciting photographic techniques known – light painting. Learn techniques, tricks, tips, and see amazing examples of light-painting masterpieces. A range of Lomographic cameras will be used to achieve amazing analogue results; borrow a Diana F+, Fisheye 2, or Colorsplash camera and hit the neighborhood for hands on instruction and Big Apple inspiration.

*Meet the Diana Mini: This little wonder is actually two cameras in one. It shoots square frame shots like its big sister the Diana F+, but can also become a half-frame camera that with a flick of a switch can shoot 72 half frame photos on one roll of 35mm film! Don’t be fooled by its size, this camera packs a punch! In this workshop we explore all the new tricks and techniques that the newest edition to the Lomography camera collection is capable of!

Attend any 3 workshops and get a free 3-pack of Lomography 100 speed color negative film! Just ask for a stamp from the shop staff.

*All workshops are $10 ($7 for students) and include a loaner camera and free roll of film. All participants will receive a 10% coupon for the store!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village
41 W 8th Street
New York, NY 10011

Lomography Gallery Store NYC Gramercy
106 E23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

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