Become a Lomonaught with the All New Sprocket Rocket!


Launch yourself into some mind-boggling, time-travelling shots and join the fun! If you need a boost of sprocket-holed inspiration, read some interviews and view the galleries of our Sprocket Rocket Lomonaughts!

Check out the Community Adventures on Board the Sprocket Rocket!

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Online Shop, for your very own one-way ticket to a sprockified analogue future!

Meanwhile, we’ve caught up with some of the brave and pioneering Lomonaughts who were lucky enough to find themselves strapped to a Sprocket Rocket and blasted off into analogue heaven! Check out their interviews and their galleries with the time-travelling, shot-remixing Sprocket Rocket!

Pasqualecaprile grabbed his Sprocket Rocket with both hands and set off on an extraterrestrial analogue journey. It wasn’t long before he was head over heels in love with it! After holding this little jewel in his hands, he says he’s convinced the future is analogue! His shots are truly out of this world.

Read the full review here!

Satomi found herself totally bewitched by the Rocket’s sleek and retro looks! She took it everywhere with her, using that super wide-angle lens to get in real close as well as to capture some breathtaking panoramas! She certainly didn’t let us down!

Read the full review here!

Cyanwater heart was set racing when the Sprocket Rocket flew down and landed on her doorstep. She was quick to pick it up and start shooting some crazy group-shots, wild and drenched in colour! She calls it a ‘beauty’ that promises a ton of Lomographic surprises, so check out her shots!

Read the full review here!

Dogma, our very own Lomography warrior, let the Sprocket Rocket into his life and he didn’t need long to make the most of its experimental potential! Head on over to his galleries to see everything from time-travelling multiple exposures to explosive light painting shots!

Read the full review here!

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We’ve put together some pretty special bundles to make your Sprocket Rocket experience truly out of this world – and save you money at the same time!

Why not transform your scanning experience with our Sprocket Rocket DigitaLIZA Bundle. The DigitalLIZA is specially designed to make scanning panoramic shots easier than ever before and with this bundle you’ll save yourself USD/EUR 9!

Or why not go all out and treat yourself to the Sprocket Rocket Elite Bundle, including a Sprocket Rocket, Diana F+ Flash Black, DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask, Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 35mm (Pack of 3) & Lomography Color Negative 400 35mm (Pack of 3)? You’ll even save yourself a whopping USD 35.70 / EUR 31.20!

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Sprocket Rocket Rumble

Don’t worry; we’ve got something for all the rest of you pioneering, time-travelling Lomonaughts! Join our contest and post your best Sprocket Rocket shots to be in with the chance of winning some serious Piggies! Is that bacon you can smell? Be sure to upload them soon, the contest ends on xxx

Want to join the Sprocket Rocket Rumble? Enter here!

Wowing the World: The Sprocket Rocket Lands in Style!

We’re pleased to say that the Sprocket Rocket is already making waves across the globe (we always knew it would really!) Super-influential gadget blog Gizmodo were even on hand to praise our little analogue miracle –even saying that it has “the best name in camera land!” Not only that, but a whole bunch of keen Lomographers were on standby all over the world to celebrate the much-awaited launch in style. Check out the shots from all the different launch parties here!

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  1. dogma
    dogma ·

    Yeee sprocket rocket rocks!!!!

  2. twoheadedboy
    twoheadedboy ·

    Whoa has anyone else noticed that the Sprocket Rocket is based on a Dick Tracy novelty camera?…

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