My Heart Dreams in Squares


Looking back its hard to say where it all began...

Do you ever think back to the very first moment that you got into lomography? I remember mine distinctly. My girlfriend is a keen photographer so i would regularly plan trips out to take some shots. A day at the beach here, a walk through the woods there. After a while i started feeling that maybe i should join in with her, show an interest in her hobby. Well i had a few small digital cameras lying around, and i had a camcorder which saw semi regular use, but i didn’t really fancy using it. But one day some particular photos caught my eye. Strange colours, blurring around the edges, high contrast; Something made these photos stand apart form others i had seen. Obviously i had seen photos like these before in previous years, but i had assumed that they were made through lengthy sessions on photoshop or other such editing software. Well, needless to say i was shocked to learn that that just wasn’t the case; all you needed was a plastic camera, some film and an eye for a shot. immediately i was on a particular auction site we all know and love looking for the best price. Fast-forward a week and there i am in my car with my Diana F+ in my hand and 2 rolls of film all ready to be shot.

Now, i’m the type of person who gets obsessed with things very easily. If you’ve ever been to a skatepark and seen the guy with all the decent gear but none of the ability, that’s me. Or if you’ve ever been rock climbing and seen the guy with the full rack of gear climbing something pathetically easy-me again! But if i really get into something, i’m stuck with it for life. It’s like 14 years ago when i first remember my dad playing Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd on his car stereo. As soon as i heard that epic guitar solo that closes the track i knew i had to have a guitar and play and play and play until i nailed it. Well, i managed that years ago and i’m still playing, and i still love it as much today as i did back then. And while its only been about 4 months since i first got my Diana F+ i know i’ll be shooting for life.

My first roll wasn’t that good, i only got back 1 picture i really liked. My second roll failed as i shot it in a forest with the wrong aperture. But my 3rd roll did me proud. Now every roll i get has something on it that makes me smile. Worth the price of the film,worth the cost of development.

And now I just cant get enough of it. Even now, though its almost midnight and i really should be getting into bed ready for work in the morning, i am itching to be out shooting. I’m kicking myself for missing the perfect sunset tonight. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be a clear, frosty one so i can get out of bed early and take some shots of my local cornfield which i have been planning for a while.

It’s the thrill of not knowing what i’ve shot until i get that envelope back from the lab, the little joy i get inside when i try to decide what film to use on a particular day, or what lens to shoot with, or what aperture to use, or how long to expose for. These are the moments that make analogue photography a joy. Yes it may not be the sharpest image, or the correct exposure… but who cares. When i look through my little book of square photos, each one is a memory of a day spent with friends, a night on the road or some time spent alone. Every one of these blurry, grainy, colourful pictures is a scene from my life that is forever etched onto my memory. My heart dreams in squares, and nothing compares.

written by wilfbiffherb on 2011-05-20 in #lifestyle #medium-format #diana #diana-f #120


  1. geekgoddesskilobyte
    geekgoddesskilobyte ·

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

  2. pim_g
    pim_g ·

    Nice story and awesome photos!

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