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The colette x Lomography Dianalogue competition has been running for a week now. We've received some really nice submissions so far, from which we would like to share one with you. Don't forget to submit your own "through a woman's lens" Dianalogue before the 7th October deadline! <br/>

The colette x Lomography Dianalogue competition has been running for a week now. We’ve received some really nice submissions so far, from which we would like to share one with you. Don’t forget to submit your own “through a woman’s lens” Dianalogue before the 7th October deadline!
Check out this sweet email from Stefanie and savour her Dianalogue below!

>Dear Severin,
>When I read about the colette x Lomography „through a woman’s lens“ Dianalogue competition, I thought, “that’s freaking amazing!” Having my own story + pics published in a book and (please, please) getting a colette special edition Diana+ personalised with my name as a prize totally inspired me to submit my „American Dream“ Dianalogue (see below). I hope you guys like it. I’m looking forward to seeing, what I am sure will be, inspiring and absolutely mindblowing „through a woman’s lens“ Dianalogues from Lomographers all over the world!
>Cheers mate,

We were impressed! Now check out Stefanie’s Dianalogue right here:

The American Dream

A few weeks ago I went for the first time to the US of A to visit my girlfriend and her family. I was afraid the situation was going to be a bit weird, me coming from my country to visit them and just hanging around. What the hell should I say to the parents? „Uh oh“ I thought, „this could turn out bad“. But it doesn’t have to if you come well prepared! So I decided to stay on the safe side and bring all sorts of presents. I knew that with food from my hometown I’d have them in a second and as everyone will be busy eating I won’t even have to do a lot of small talk either. Safe!

So when I landed in Chicago the passport officer asked me:
“Ma’am do you have products like cheese or meat or animals in your suitcase?“
And I said: „No officer!“
The officer nodded self-righteously for the 454th time that day and was about to let me through.
But then I said: „BUT I have home-made apricot jam from my mother with me…“
The officer looked at me with open eyes and attempted to stay something, but then I continued talking: “and I brought self-made honey from my neighbours…and some bottles of white wine from the region I come from… And some rye bread to put the apricot jam and honey on…and „Mozart“ chocolate liquor…and have you ever heard of „Mohnzellte“?
As soon as I finished my monologue the officer stared at me and asked: „WHY do you have all those products with you? Do you want to sell them in the United States of America?

And I say: „Nononononono officer. I’ve been invited for the first time here and this is the least I can do to show how grateful I am for the American hospitality!“
And then I continue saying: „And, sir, is there any better way to show my gratefulness other than sharing the aromas and flavours from the country you are coming from?“
The officer says: „Yes. So is this the very first time for you to be in the United States of America?"
And I say: „Yes.“
“Welcome to the United States of America!”

I like the American girls and boys.

  • “Through a woman’s lens” – Submit your own Dianalogue here
  • Deadline: 7th October
  • The jury will select 10 Dianalogues to be published in the upcoming colette x Lomography Diana+ book.
  • Each of the 10 winners will receive a limited edition DianaF+ colette camera branded with his/her name.

Visit the colette x Lomography Dianalogue competition microsite

written by severin on 2008-09-25 in #news #dianalouge #challange #colette #diana


  1. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    wowww.... I have NEVER been that lucky going through customs!

  2. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Hahaha... Me neither... try getting through the Russian or Ukrainian borders with cans full of strange liquid content... and I can't count the many times I've gotten my prescription drugs snatched...

  3. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    Nice story and great shots!

  4. grifter
    grifter ·

    Indeed great story! Brave girl taking on those Russian cutoms officials. I hear they are worse than the Australians.

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