Old & rotten amusement park


If you have a look at my articles, photos and likes you can cleary see a tendency to fun fairs, amusement parks and especially the ferris wheels. I simply love those colorful places and when I was told that there is an old and rotten amusement park out there in Berlin I had to visit it! What a great combination!

I was on a short Berlin trip, doing some lomo workshopping when a friend of mine told me about this old and rotten amusement park in Treptow.
Pretty cool, I thought. I love amesument parks and I love the flair and the mood of old places. This would be the perfect mix.

So we grabbed our stuff and took the next train to Plänterwald, cause we thought that there were daily guided tours at 2:00 pm. But we sadly had to learn the hard way that the owner prohibited those tours by now.
What a shame! How can someone not use such a lost beauty? At least for interested photographers, art- and photo projects or exibitions it should be allowed to visit this place. We thought about climbing over the fence but we were told that they have watchdogs…so we decided not to end as dog food and were wandering around the whole area.
It would have been more intense to be right in the middle of this lost world but even from outside you get a weird feeling while watching all this rotten and overgrown fun rides in the middle of the forrest. We only met a few people which it made a lot more unreal:

Some old Wagon, the rotten box office, graffitis, barbwire, a fallen T-Rex (can you spot him on photo 6?), the old administration and of course the ferris wheel.

a lost world

A short history of the park:
1969-1991: Kulturpark
Founded as an objects of prestige of the German Democratic Republic (DDR). After the German reunification the park fell in a big sleep cause they were searching for a new owner.
1992-2001: Spreepark
The park reopend till late 2001.
Since 2002 the park is closed till today.
At least you were able to visit the park from 2002-2010 on guided tours, but on 30th of May 2010 the owner prohibited everything.

You can reach the park by taking the train (e.g. S8 or S9) to the station Plänterwald or Treptower Park.

Spree-Park Berlin-Plänterwald
Kiehnwerderallee 1-3
12437 Berlin


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  1. tracyvmoore
    tracyvmoore ·

    Great article. Too bad you couldn't get in. Looks really creepy. ;)

  2. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    Some of theses pictures look quite similar to the ones I took there (I have one pic which is really similar to the first one in your gallery, but it's not in my Lomohome gallery) but I did get in by "rolling" in underneath the fenced door. But I was so scared of the watchdogs that I ran around quite hysterically- most of my pictures ended up all blurry!

  3. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    @laurasulilly it seemed that they renewed the fences with some extra barbwire on top..we couldn't find a gap. But I think it was better this way, otherwise I would have peed my pants or something ^^'

  4. lllchristinalll
    lllchristinalll ·

    ...i'd love to go there =)

  5. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    @lllchristinalll put it on the list for your next Berlin trip ;)

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