Aqua Pix 35mm Underwater Camera Review


One of the simplest camera ever, I think ! “Just” point and shoot.. Even under the water. It couldn’t be any easier. Aqua pix.

Recently I decided to buy an underwater camera which I would use on my holiday. So I started to look over the net and found this little, funny and cheap thing. As I always do, first I checked the photos that were taken with this camera and I was quite impressed. Then I ordered one.

The camera has simply two parts. One of them is the camera itself and the other one is the underwater protector. Protector can be removed and the camera can be used as a normal 35mm camera.

It has everything fixed, so you don’t need to worry about any adjustment. Aperture is fixed (f:9 I think) and shutter is fixed (1/100 sec. I think) and it has focus free 28mm plastic lens. Thanks to the wide angle lens, f:9 aperture and fixed focus, you never get blurry pictures unless you intentionally shake the camera to get blur effect.

The camera is as light as a feather. Very small (102 X 35 X 72mm) to get into your any pocket (even in your jeans pocket) so you could easily forget the camera is still on you 

The producer claims that the camera can be used under 3-4 m under the water but I haven’t tried yet.
I tried the camera with Fuji Sensia 200 (recently expired slide) and have it cross processed for a sunny day (seems 100 ASA could have been used as well) and Capital 400 (color negative, very very expired) for a very cloudy day and cross processed with regular black and white chemicals at home and scanned as black and white. I am quite happy with the results so far and it seems the camera can be used effectively if you choose a correct ASA for the light condition.

I couldn’t have chance to try it under water but I assume I’ll get pretty good results too according to impression that the camera gave on the land. Once I have the chance to try some under water shot I’ll share it.

Have fun !

written by smbilgin on 2010-12-07 in #reviews #aqua-pix #35mm #focus-free #point-and-shoot #underwater #wide-angle #waterproof


  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    I got one of this cam too, it surely produces nice pictures in the sun.....

  2. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    nice gallery :)

  3. falsedigital
    falsedigital ·

    I bought one of these when I was in Bangkok for around 300 Baht. I brought it with me to one of the islands there and the film takeup snapped while I was winding it then the whole case cracked! It was the only camera I ever threw away. :[

  4. smbilgin
    smbilgin ·

    Sorry to hear that falsedigital...

  5. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Haha I love number 8 and number 17

  6. mune316
    mune316 ·

    how about the viewfinder?

  7. smbilgin
    smbilgin ·

    The viewfinder is not coupled to anything ofcourse and has a parallax error. And there isn't any corrective signs inside the viewfinder. Also it has a pop up plastic viewfinder over the water proof bag. But it has also same problem.
    On the other hand, thanks to 28mm wide angle lens, parallax error of viewfinder is not a big problem unless you take close shots.

  8. akmal-helmi
    akmal-helmi ·

    How to transfer picture from this camera into me???

  9. smbilgin
    smbilgin ·

    There is no easy way to transfer pictures from this (or any analogue camera) into a PC. You should first develop the film in a proper way and then scan them. Then your pictures are in the PC.

  10. batgurrr
    batgurrr ·

    Okay, I just got this camera and now I'm being a total noob. I've put the film and I have no idea if it can take photos or not. Its exactly the same as yours but, does it just snap just like that? are there any indications that it has taken a photo?? :///

  11. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Thanks for the review! I got myself one of those little cameras from ebay, but I havent had time to try it yet. But from your photos I think I have gotten myself a pretty little cam. :)

  12. meetmeatcali
    meetmeatcali ·

    I bought this too online, and the number above beside the shutter is kinda fucked up? idk. it should be 1,2,3......36 right? mine's on 1,3,6.... idk. does yours counts like that too?

  13. tzeching
    tzeching ·

    u took some really awesome pictures with this cam!! i have the same camera too, and the first roll of film was a total failure. developing the second roll of film now and im crossing my fingers there will be pictures.

    just one question. have u taken or done any double exposure with this camera?

  14. smbilgin
    smbilgin ·

    Hi tzeching, glad yo like them.. Refarding your question, I haven't tried double exposure with this cam. But I think you need to modify it to make double exposures.

  15. ingridk
    ingridk ·

    Amazing! Where did you buy it ?

  16. yessicameithalia
    yessicameithalia ·

    Did u take those picture using aquapix? How come become so great?

  17. jeflimmy
    jeflimmy ·

    Great photos u got there.. Gf is getting me this cam soon.. Hope it does magic with its shots.. Can't wait!

  18. smbilgin
    smbilgin ·

    @ingridk : Thanks.. I bought it from ebay.

    @yessicameithalia : Of course I took them with aquapix, why would I put them if I wasn't :) Aquapix's lens is quite sharp. Also fixed focus lens and fix aperture helps the wide depth of field. You cannot go wrong with this little thing if you choose the correct film..

    @jeflimmy : Hope to see your nice pics too..

  19. el3xtrosky
    el3xtrosky ·

    hi there, would like to know what film did you use for all the pictures you'd taken? negative or reversal or what? complete noob here..

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