Kodak Ektachrome E200

Wanna take a trip? Check this out this sprocket-ed, extremely expired and cross-processed Ektachrome E200.! Low grain, saturated yellows greens and blues.

A plastic funny twin lens reflex camera without mask capturing on a extremely expired Ektachrome is really fun! Plug a LOMO Ringflash on it and go shoot!

So do it on the BIGGEST BEER FESTIVAL ON WHOLE BRAZIL EVER! I added it as a lomolocation some time ago, by the way. Check it!

This Ektachrome is perfect for cross-processing, a saturated explosion of greens yellows and blues! Also it was good on all lighting conditions, nice results for a low-fi plastic cam, yes it’s a well multi-purpose film.

Extremely expired films are not so easy to develop, also to conserve, it just surprised me! I surely recommend shooting on this, try it yourself, have fun!

written by vjweedman on 2010-08-25 in #reviews

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