Lomography Gallery Store LA Re-cap of the Sunset Strip Scavenger Hunt!


Here at the Lomography Gallery Store LA, we had our very first Scavenger Hunt and 3 people ended up getting tattoos! See what other shenanigans we got into with a hunt dedicated to the one and only Sunset Strip!

The Lomography Gallery Store LA had it’s very first Scavenger Hunt in July, with the theme of Sunset Strip! All we can say is… WOW! Over 60 people showed up to participate, forming 20 teams armed with a Diana F+ and Instant Back to capture a list of 20 items encompassing the glory that is the Sunset Strip.

Los Angeles was on high alert… so much so that KPCC interviewed West Coast Regional Manager Michelle McIlroy about the event! LISTEN HERE

Team A to the K + The Bee’s (Made up of employees from The Viper Room, The Roxy and The Comedy Store… all Sunset Strpi staples) came in first place with a whopping 914 points (over 200 more points than 2nd place). Everyone on the team walked away with a Fisheye 2 of their choice, and the unmistakable swagger of west coast champs!

Day in the Life of Lomography came in 2nd place! Very fitting as the team was filming personal video footage for the Kevin Macdonald/Ridley Scott/LG/Sundance Film Festival/YouTube “Life in a Day” project. Everyone on the team got to take home their very own Oktomats!

3rd place was owned by the Geyser Cats, representing the under 18 crowd and still kicking butt! Their prizes were two of the ever-so-cute Diana F+ keychains!

What exactly did these brave souls have to do in order to win these stunning prizes? Check out the list and ask yourself, “Could I have been a contender?”


Rainbow Bar & Grill –Formerly The Villa Nova restaurant where Vincente Minnelli (Liza’s father) proposed to Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe had her first date (A blind date), with baseball legend & future husband Joe DiMaggio. The Rainbow also claim that John Belsuhi had his last meal in their kitchen, a bowl of Lentil Soup, which they have never served since. Also includes an array of celebrity photos and memorabilia donated by the stars over the years.

Pose with a pot of gold (or a $1 bill if that’s all you have) at the end of the rainbow for 10 points. Leave a get well card behind for Bret Michaels and we’ll give you 50 points. If Bret shows up and gets in your shot… well that’s 100 bonus points!


Attack of the 50 foot Lomographer! Try your hands at a double exposure and place yourself in one of the Sunset Strip’s mega billboards for 20 points.

3.The Roxy – Hollywood’s favorite Rock Club of the celebrities. Where Bruce Springsteen’s career started and where John Belushi dined in the private club “On the Rox” above “The Roxy” on the day of his death.

Take a picture with a roadie at load-in for 20 points, plus 1 point for each additional roadie in the shot. Bump it up to an actual musician performing that night, and we’ll give you 50 points per each band member! FYI… rock stars get up late so load in isn’t until 4:00 pm. Use your time wisely scavengers!

4., 5., 6. I spy on the Sunset Strip…
Find a Pink Dot: 10 points
Find a drunk Dairy Cow: 20 points
Find a Moose (complete with Squirrel): 20 points

7. Viper Room – Actor River Phoenix died outside this previously Johnny Depp-owned club in 1993 after a drug cocktail. Few remember its earlier incarnation as the Melody Room, a favorite with Bugsy Siegel and his mobster pals.

Pose outside the Viper Room with a sign reading “We Miss Jack Sparrow!” and earn 10 points.


Forget the Walk of Fame and make your way to the Rock Walk in front of Guitar Center. Do a handstand (with a little help from your friends) in the imprints of Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. Worth 50 points.

9.Whisky a Go-Go – A Strip fixture since 1963, the Whisky gave the world go-go dancing and the Doors, its house band in 1966. Other legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin also played here regularly. Today, new bands still get launched on occasion.

Have an impromptu jam session (traditional instruments not required) in front of the Whiskey a Go-Go. Worth 20 points, plus 1 point for each fan rocking out to your tunes (team members don’t count). Get your own go-go dancers for 20 bonus points each!


Saddle Ranch… you know where this is going. Get a shot of a patron (not a team member) on the mechanical bull and earn 20 points.

11.Carney’s – The restaurant in a Railway Carriage, a large yellow one to be precise.

Have a stranger share their chili-cheese fries with you (even just a bite) for 20 points.


Climb some stairs up to the House of Blues restaurant and make a pinhole photograph of the epic view it gives across Los Angeles. Worth 20 points.

13.The Comedy Store – Comics such as Richard Pryer and Jay Leno got their big breaks here. Many big stars get up and do impromptu turns here.

Stand outside with an “I’m With CoCo” sign for 20 points, plus 2 points for each rallyer to join your cause. If Jay Leno gets in the shot, that’s 100 bonus points. Jay Leno impersonator and we’ll give you 20 bonus points.


Head over to Boot Star and try on a pair of boots and cowboy hat for 20 points. 20 additional points for each stranger you get to join in on your fashion show.


Pose with an appropriately sombrero and poncho decked out employee of El Borracho Cantina for 20 points. Get him to let you wear his sombrero and poncho for 20 bonus points!

16.Sunset Strip Tattoo – Julia Roberts got a Japanese symbol and Nicolas Cage a stingray at this tattoo studio to the stars that has also inked Ben Affleck and Pamela Anderson.

Take a photo with a recently inked patron of Sunset Strip Tattoo and earn 10 points. Get a tattoo yourself and earn 50 bonus points!

That’s right folks… there were actually three tattoos aquired at the Scavenger Hunt.


One milkshake, two straws. Share a milkshake at Mel’s Drive In with a new sweetie for 10 points. Get a stranger to share their milkshake with you (even just a sip) for 40 points!

18.The 1979 Donna Summer song “Sunset People” from the album Bad Girls, was about the nightlife on Sunset Boulevard.

Shake your booty in front of any Sunset Strip gentleman’s club and earn 20 points.

19. – 20.

Get a photo of the very start of Sunset Boulevard (between Echo Park and Downtown) and we’ll give you 20 points. Get a photo of the very end of Sunset Boulevard (at PCH and the mighty Pacific) and we’ll give you 20 points. Get both… that’s worth 100 points!


A to the K + The Bee’s
Day in the Life of Lomography
Geyser Cats
Seven Deadly Pins
Rat Trap
Sneakers & Socks
3 B’s
A Team Pandas
Tracy Tops
Rainbow Spirit
Robot Unicorn
Lomo Ninjas
In League with the Butcher
Photo Ninjas
ISO Topes

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  1. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    I am obscenely jealous, yet happy for those who got to take part, probably would have gotten a tattoo, I love LA, I love the LA lomographers, and this looks like the most fun thing in the whole entire universe.

  2. hannarnar
    hannarnar ·

    i'm so disappointed i never heard of this when i live so close!

  3. lomographyla
    lomographyla ·

    Keep your eye out on the LA microsite www.lomography.com/losangeles

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