Relaunch: What To Do With Your Home?


Some of you have been wondering what has been happening with the Beta site and in particular what is the deal with your LomoHomes. We though that we could give you some updates about what we have been doing, but also what you have been doing.

Some of you have been wondering what has been happening with the Beta site and in particular what is the deal with your LomoHomes. We though that we could give you some updates about what we have been doing, but also what you have been doing.

First of all, some statistics on the Beta site:

1912 USERS have activated their new homes

5464 ALBUMS have been uploaded

27845 IMAGES have been uploaded

4083 COMMENTS have been written

Quite a number!

A new feature that has been introduced since the relaunch is the tags. The most popular tags so far have been the:

x-pro 891 times,
beach 421 times,
superlighter 353 times,
sea 349 times,
xpro 336 times,
trees 288 times,
nature 267 times,
LCA 238 times,
Revue 35XE 229 times,
summer 218 times,

Until the relaunch of the whole site is complete, the complete home will not be migrated, however. Some of the functions will be transferred over time, others will have to wait until the very end, and some new ones will be added in the meantime, so be on the look out!

What should you do about your current housing situation?

New users to Lomography will still have to register with the old site for the moment, but we encourage them to activate their new accounts upon confirmation. Remember, there is no credit crunch on Lomography, homes are for free!

For those of you who have until now refused to let go of the past and continued to upload your pictures to your old homes, we strongly encourage you to activate your new homes and start uploading your pictures in the new lab. It is both faster and easier, and the feedback received has been very positive from the community. In the case that you need help, we have provided a page with instructions

Now to our hard working Beta Testers, those of you that have been sending us feedback for the past couple of months and helped in the construction of the new homes, we now reward the most diligent of you! You will each be given 10 piggy points to spend in the shop!

The most commented on picture, Magia Nottura, was taken by superlighter

vicuna recieved the most comments, 107 in all

vicuna also takes home the prize for writing the most comments, 284

1023, thats how many images kylethefrench has uploaded

daniwahlers is the champion of tags, having used 212 different ones.


But that is not all, we have reset the counter to zero, and next (Thursday) new winners will be announced and rewarded for their efforts. So keep uploading those pictures!

Beta Testers, keep your eyes open, we will need your help soon.

written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-08-28 in #news #relaunch


  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    wow! my Magia Notturna is on the top commented pictures!
    and two of the most popular tags are mine too (superlighter & Revue 35XE) ha ha ha ha!

  2. totalgenervt
    totalgenervt ·

    aha - will be a little bit like in other foto-communities ... you need some buddies for some super comments and to push your pictures in a gallerie ... nice *g

  3. poindexter
    poindexter ·

    I'm still hoping for a mass migration of pix and albums from the old homes to the new home - would be much easier than re-uploading from my sources.

  4. graefin
    graefin ·

    right now I'm not uploading to the new lomohome because I have to upload pics to my old home AND to the new home which means double work :-(.

  5. brendend
    brendend ·

    whoooo! congrats guys!

  6. drgonzo900
    drgonzo900 ·

    congrats to the winners! question about the beta site: will the new homes contain the same information as the old homes like user info, bio and web statistics?

  7. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    doesn't work :(((

  8. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Waow, thanks for this "prize" of the most comments received and given! Didn't know that I wrote already 284 comments. and received 107.. :)))
    I'd like to say that I really like the way the new beta lab & albums (because the beta-home is for the moment only the albums page) are really great, much easier and quicker to upload, tag, organize and the quality of the uploaded pics is better. I don't need to resize down my pics to 700kb, the siz of 3Mb is much better (even if some of my medium format shots are over 3Mb and need a bit downsizing...) I like the new comment feature on each shot very much and I'm waiting for the general guestbook-home feature... ;))
    @graefin (and others) : I asked myself too how to keep on publishing my albums on my "old" home and in the same time on the new one without having 2x work... the solution I found is to upload only 1 pic per album on my "old" home and give the direct link to the full album on my beta-home....think it's a good solution until the homes are transferred to the beta and that it will be our new home! :))
    Can't wait to see the new features of the beta-homes, the new wall possibilities (I think it will be improved to let us built some fantastic lomo-walls (in the spirit of the London Lomowall site for the world congress???), the blog features etc, etc......

    Keep on the great work guys, and thanks for all LSI!! :)))

  9. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    pretty cool, i just uploaded a few new albums, more to come. its so easy i love it, i just keep on forgetting to select all when i fill in the info and then i realize after and have to do it again.

  10. graefin
    graefin ·

    gosh, reminds me that I still have so many new pictures to upload!

  11. agrimony
    agrimony ·

    sounds really fantastic. but i have still problems with uploading albums to my beta home. so PLEASE can anybody at lsi tell me why? i was able to upload one single album since the beta lab opened its doors. it's really frustrating. it's a neverending resizing of the first pic (1800x1200)
    i hope, anybody can help me.

  12. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    jesus, now I have to sort through all those I uploaded

  13. zoe191
    zoe191 ·

    awesome stats. i should start uploading again. :)

  14. larslau
    larslau ·

    I would really love if there was a posibility to see the pictures in a higher resolution like 1200x800...

  15. tomk32
    tomk32 ·

    @larslau: maybe we allow bigger images when we have restructured how the images are stored and delivered.

    @agrimony: check your mail please

    The big mass migration will come next month, maybe even before photokina. I'm eager to do mephisto first but the others in the office want to do only a few small users first.

  16. louvetau
    louvetau ·

    enjoy new site. it's like u have an another chance. to start again from the scratch and make your home better

  17. totalgenervt
    totalgenervt ·

    >>>I'm eager to do mephisto first but the others in the office want to do only a few small users first.<<<

    the pictures there at the old site are (re)sized after uploading to a smaller resolution - even a lot smaller as here ... so what sense makes it to copy them here in? ... they need to be uploaded one more time here at the new site if you want a higher resolution and show it later here in higher resolution!

  18. totalgenervt
    totalgenervt ·

    why dont you give the old site a deadline end 2008 and close it then for new entrys - so you dont have the work to transfer pictures and everything there in a worser resulution than here possible to here and everyone can do it here if he/she wants or set a link to the old site ...

    easier way and a new start!

  19. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    sorry me...I right understand? I should receive 10 piggies just for having such fun? ;)
    wow! that's a good job!

    to all the loving lomofellows, don't be shy and contribute to made my shot "Magia Notturna" the all time most commented image at!

  20. tomk32
    tomk32 ·

    @totalgenervt about the smaller images from the old homes, we could do a kind of replace function for images. So you keep all comments associated correctly but just with a bigger image. And migration is a MUST, everything else would be a lousy job.

  21. gyllzd
    gyllzd ·

    i think i must be REALLY stupid, as everyone else seems to have worked it out fine, but i can't get the "selection" bit of the lab to work. the whole drag and drop thing just doesn't happen, and so there is no way to organise my albums. i have tried it in firefox and safari and on two different computers. am i missing something blindingly obvious? help!

  22. totalgenervt
    totalgenervt ·

    >>>And migration is a MUST, everything else would be a lousy job.<<<

    migration ok - maybe makes sense for max 5% of the 20.000 user there to transfer all their pictures - but how many dead accounts do you want to transfer here from the old site? ... but your decision ... not mine (and your work!)

  23. gyllzd
    gyllzd ·

    ah i think i've worked it out. you just can't drag photos into empty albums yes?

  24. totalgenervt
    totalgenervt ·

    >>>So you keep all comments associated correctly but just with a bigger image.<<<

    i´m not here to get my pictures commented .. i´m here for getting some informations and new impressions ... and i give back something out of my "work" by showing some of my pictures

    i had and have other accounts in fotocommunities where they begging of critics and get always a "super pic" ... blah ... no search and need here for such a social help in fotocommunities ... the old lomo-site was really good for me because of no commenting under the pics without on missions

    the other side is - do you really want to make here a closed group of analoge photographers and such a show? ... this will lead there that most of people who uses digital cams dont care what you are doing here, because you (!) are separating the world in digital (=bad) and analoge (=good) ... but this cannot be your interrest - think about it!

  25. tomk32
    tomk32 ·

    @totalgenervt there's a digital world? awesome. haha, no seriously, i think the vfdkv is a bit more anal about it than Lomo. If you really don't want any comments on your images then we will make this happen, a little moderation on one's own images is missing anyways. my point is that you cannot drop any data, especially user data just because you are launching a new website.

    @gyllzd it took me some time too :-) welcome to our lil stupid club. great you figured out the "make this album public" so much faster than I did.

  26. totalgenervt
    totalgenervt ·

    the vfdkv ... ja, terrorists *lol* - but i did not say "the future is analog" ;-)

    and i did not say drop any data from the old website - you can close it for new entrys and let it online as a "lomohome-project 1" ... continuing here ... with a permanent link to the old site ... so everyone can decide by himself if he want to take the fotos here or let it there with the link - very easy ... and if you want to close the old one - give 6-12 months time for a decision ... so everyone is free if he wants to have the old fotos here ...

    if you let the old site online - i would prefer to let my old stuff there and continue here with new things ... dont need all my "totalgenervt" and "WalterKerlinger" shit here - could fill this here (today!) with thousends of new pictures if i want

    would be nice to know what will happen with the old site ...


  27. recurving
    recurving ·

    the old site will be online until the new site is finished. every user can decide what images should be transferred to the new site - all, none, only some, ...

    but don't fear: we won't put if offline without a warning, there will be plenty time to decide what to do for everyone... that's why we've put the beta site online already, so everyone can test the new features, give us feedback, make some wishes - this is a process to make the best site possible for you.

  28. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    i dont know if this was asked but why only 100 images a day, i mean i have 1000s of images in my old home so that would mean i would have to port over only 100 a day? Thats going to take forever

    also what about friends, guestbook entrys and photo mails? will all that be a part of the new home?

  29. totalgenervt
    totalgenervt ·

    thanks ... then it really makes sense to upload new fotos only here in a higher resolution


  30. recurving
    recurving ·

    @xbalboax: eventually the limit of 100 shots a day will be gone - right now we just need to test how well our server behaves - we just want to avoid it to crash all the time right now.

    and about friends, geustbook entries and photo mails: yes, yes and yes. and even more...

  31. tomk32
    tomk32 ·

    @recurving, If we add this friend feature, can we have a default friend like the other Tom on MySpace? ;-)

  32. totalgenervt
    totalgenervt ·

    and pic voting ... and galleries ... and buddy lists ... and for me please an ignore-funktion ;-)

  33. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    How do we give feedback on bugs we find?

  34. lucasjakobsson
    lucasjakobsson ·

    @ gvelasco

    You can either drop a line here, but prefrably you could drop us a line at, (see the black box at the bottom of the page)

  35. emiliano451
    emiliano451 ·

    There's no way to migrate our home from to this beta page? It's too busy to upload all again!

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