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We have taken the magazine in a new direction with New and Analogue Lifestyle and there is more to come! The Magazine Times is here to deliver you the beat on what has been going on with a monthly recap on the latest products, events, community contributions, the top stories from Analogue Lifestyle and News!

Photo by: iaki

Top Stories

The New Lomography DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask

Get more creativity by investing in a good scanner and the DigitaLIZA – a helping holder for scanning your 35mm negatives! Easily scan Lomography formats such as sprocket-holes, overlapping exposures, and endless panorama without the worries.

Read more about the DigitaLIZA…

Spinner 360° Conquers the World!

The Lomographer Spinner 360 took the analogue world for a spin during its launch! It sold out pretty fast, and now it’s back in stock – have you got yours already? Get yourself ready for an exhilarating ride in a 360-degree perspective!

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The Lomo LC-A+ Has New Clothes!

Sometimes, the things in life need a much-needed reboot. We’ve freshened up the look, improved a feature and slipped in a brand new book in our iconic Lomo LC-A’s packaging – all for the same price!

Read more about the Lomo LC-A+ Has New Clothes…

Lomography Redscale 100 & Color Negative 800 Medium Format

Extending our lineup of medium-format films – introducing the Lomography Color Negative 800, and the Lomography Redscale 100! Finally, you can achieve the redscale effect, or boost your camera’s low-light endurance in 120 format!!

Read more about Medium Format Redscale/CN…

Two New Fisheye Special Editions: Red and Blue Pearl

Just in time for that well-deserved summer vacation come two new special editions of the cult Lomography Fisheye camera. Whether you’re hot or cool, we’ve got something for you in our brightest editions yet – Blue Pearl and Red! The choice is yours!

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Latest News

LomoLocations: Have You Been Elsewhere Lately?

We’re still on our never-ending quest for top Locations for analogue-friendly travelers & enthusiasts in the world! Been elsewhere other than staying at home lately? Let us know by submitting and sharing to the world that luscious Location today!

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Around the World in 36 Frames

A Polish photographer named Wojtek Gil had an idea. An idea that some community members have thought of for ages – 36 different cities around the globe, and only on 36 different frames. Ambitious? Hell yes. Impossible? Nah!

Read more about Around the World…

Interview Series Ongoing

A few weeks ago, we asked community members to interview photographers extending to all analogue photography media and we’ve got quite a bunch! For the next few weeks we are giving you ten of the best, insightful interviews by batch!

Read more about Interview Series

Become a Lomo Lingual Expert!

For our upcoming and ongoing localisation projects we are always on the look for translation helpers, willing to exchange some of their language skills for precious Piggy Points! Learn all about how you can become a Lomo Lingo Expert!

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Analogue Lifestyle

The Art of Waiting With Olivia Collette

Olivia Collette, creator of the multifaceted Livvy Jams blog takes some time for us to talk about her about writing, blogging, dream job and what she is waiting for. Enjoy!

Read more about Olivia Collette…

Mr. Kubrick – A Master of Cameras

basterda takes retrospective on one of the greatest photographers & filmmakers to grace the universe – Stanley Kubrick!

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MTV Exit: My First “Pro” Photography Experience

cinzinc was the big winner of our MTV Exit competition and got to shoot some big names in the music industry as he and his friends attended the event in style. Check out his photos as well as his recollection of what went rockin’ at center stage!

Read more about MTV Exit…

In the Spotlight

Lomography is Now 65,000 Strong!

It’s a feat that we may find hard to believe, but we’re now 65,000 community members strong! We at Lomography would like to give our heartfelt thanks for all the support, and we’re giving a small token to express our gratitude!

Read more about Lomography is now 65,000

Can’t Miss Competitions

Ready to win out of this world prizes and Lomographic fame? Be sure to head on to our Competitions page and pit your analogue photography skills against the whole community! All you have to do is click, submit to any of our themes and win!

Rumblin’ With Our Rumble Winners

Fancy some enthralling photos from our photo competition series? Look no further as we’ve got our winners (and onlookers) tons to be excited about with our Rumble Winner announcements!

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  1. iaki
    iaki ·

    thank you for to use my photo like principal image :)
    I´m very happy!

  2. basterda
    basterda ·

    Yey thanks for including my article about Stanley Kubrick! And to everyone who commented on it and liked it! :)

  3. michelle-crazy
    michelle-crazy ·

    felicitaciones iaki ;)

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    the perfect surprise for every analogue loving enthusiast

     the perfect surprise for every analogue loving enthusiast

    Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams. Lomography Online Shop Gift Certificates are the perfect present for every analogue devotee on your gift list

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    June Events & Workshops at Lomography NYC

    Beat the June gloom with some new photographic adventures. With a slew of city-wide street festivals and better weather, we've come up with some fun events this month to keep you inspired. Now, go out and shoot!

  • Lomography X FOTO HITS Medium Format Rumble

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    Lomography X FOTO HITS Medium Format Rumble

    With an expanded field of view and its ability to produce high quality images and capture minute detail, medium format photography has become the top choice of many photographers. Lomography is working hard to make sure that it keeps going with the continued production of medium format film and cameras. The current issue of German magazine FOTO HITS focuses on medium format photography. And with this rumble, we want to prove why medium format photography is king. Take your Diana F+, Holga 120, Lubitel 166+ or the new Lomo LC-A 120 and show us your best square shots!

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    Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Lomographers, the time is ripe for us to present you with a new mystery product. But we're not giving anything much away this time, just a few hints and clues to keep you on your toes.

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    Fuji Instax Wide 300

    Fuji Instax Wide 300

    Shoot wider and bigger with this new instax camera that has film format twice the size of the instax mini films!

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    The best thing about working for Lomography is having first access to new products. Imagine everyone's excitement when the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 Art Lens 2.8/32M was delivered to the headquarters in Vienna, where members of the Lomography team took turns testing this tiny yet powerful optic on various cameras. Meanwhile, Tom Bates from Marketing teased out the idyllic and colorful possibilities of shooting with the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 lens on a trip to the UK countryside.

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    Aside from the Magazine, going through the User Blogs is another way to keep tabs on the latest happening in the community. Throughout the year, it was filled with articles on new discoveries, thought-provoking opinions, and exciting exhibits that surely entertained, challenged, and inspired everyone. Let's take a look back at the fruitful year through the most popular user blogs of 2014.

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    Join us for an evening with NYC-based fashion photographer Emily Soto. Concurrent with her exhibition at our Gallery Store, "Petzval Portrats: Bloom," Emily will discuss her work and experience using the New Petzval Art Lens in her work. Gather insight into the creative process of one of New York's favorite photographers. This event will take place on July 9 at 6:00 p.m.

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    Standard Photo Development Services

    Standard Photo Development Services

    Done shooting and want your films to be processed? We can process your colour and black & white 35mm, 120 or 110 films! Development, prints and scans are also included. (Service availability depends on your markets)

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    Twenty-haitch and his Weapon of Choice: Minolta SRT 201

    Packing all his essentials in a van, Michael Roy Harris is currently on a road trip around South Africa with his beloved girlfriend before heading to Sri Lanka to exhaust his hard-earned travel fund. To continue exploring the world, he wholeheartedly does all sorts of jobs - from delivering pizza to cleaning barnacles off expensive yachts. In this interview, he shares why the Minolta SRT 201 is the perfect match for his adventurous soul and carefree lifestyle.

  • Petzval LomoAmigo: Jörgen Axelvall

    written by ciscoswank on 2015-02-13 in #people #lomoamigos
    Petzval LomoAmigo: Jörgen Axelvall

    Jörgen Axelvall is Swedish photographer based in Tokyo. His work with the Lomo'Instant last year made a lasting impression, and he's back with several stunning images, this time taken with the new Petzval Lens.

  • KONO! Donau 35mm Film: Another Exceptional Film Exclusively Available From Lomography

    written by Lomography on 2015-10-19 in #gear #news
    KONO! Donau 35mm Film: Another Exceptional Film Exclusively Available From Lomography

    Lomography is always on the lookout for experimental and creative film, because we want to keep the love for analogue alive! We’re devoted to continually adding new and exciting films to our ever-expanding collection of photography products, both from our own production line and partnering together with likeminded companies. So in our ongoing quest to do so, we have teamed up with our friends at KONO! The Reanimated Film to share a totally new and exciting film with you — KONO! Donau 35mm Film!