Two New Fisheye Special Editions: Red and Blue Pearl


Are you hot or cool? Ah, it doesn't matter! With the two new Fisheye 1 cameras dressed in bright red and glittery blue, the choice is yours!

Two New Fisheye No.1 Cameras

The Fisheye Gets Red Hot and Ice Blue Cool!
Fisheye shooting just got even more extreme thanks to the two new fantastic Fisheye 1 cameras! The Fisheye 1 Blue Pearl and Fisheye 1 Red boast individual special edition packaging, each with their own unique illustrated character. Capture your summer memories from a 170-degree Fisheye perspective! Check out our fab special offers below, so you can enjoy the Fisheye experience for less.

Fisheye Red – Think bonfires by the beach, warm sunsets, and blushing berries – our Fisheye Red is passionately hot like a steamy summer romance. The ‘Furry Ghost’ illustrated character safely guards this fiery Fisheye on the specially designed packaging!

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Fisheye Blue Pearl – Imagine clear blue skies, icy pools, crashing beach waves – the Fisheye Blue Pearl looks fresh in its glittery suit. Check out its uniquely illustrated ‘Dancing Trucker’ on the special edition packaging!

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Fisheye No.1 Highlights:

  • Yields a 170-degree of Fisheye view in a tight, compact circle
  • Produces breathtaking and sharp pictures, even in extreme close-ups!
  • Premium glass optics guarantee excellent Fisheye shots
  • Fisheye Red boasts the “Furry Ghost” packaging; Fisheye Blue Pearl features the “Dancing Trucker”!

Read Fisheye 1 Specification:
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Shop for the Fisheye 1 Red

Save 10% When You Buy 2 Fisheye Cameras

Buy any two Fisheye cameras together and we’ll give you a 10% discount off the total of your order! Just add your two Fisheye cameras of choice to the cart and we’ll automatically give you the discount at check out. Simple! Offer also includes the Fisheye Underwater Combo and is valid until 12th July 2010.

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25% Off Fisheye Submarine with a Fisheye Camera

The Fisheye Submarine is perfect for all manner of watery fun! Whether in the ocean or the middle of a rainstorm – the Sub allows you to shoot 170 degrees of pure Fisheye magic. When you buy either a Fisheye 1 or Fisheye 2 camera we will take 25% off the Submarine underwater casing! Just add the Fisheye camera of your choice and the Fisheye Submarine to your cart and we will automatically make the 25% deduction off this must-have accessory. Be quick! Offer ends 12th July 2010.

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  1. eatcpcks
    eatcpcks ·

    I really love the first fisheye... so simple so beautiful

  2. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    I got the blue one for my birthday last year - first lomo love <3

  3. kai_karacho
    kai_karacho ·

    Go On Fisheye Go On

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