Swimming Made Fun


This camera lets people like me, who don't like to swim, to have fun in the sea!

Frogeye might be one of the easiest Lomography camera to use. You put in 2 AAA batteries, put the film and as soon as you close the back door, it just loads and is ready shoot! It winds the film automatically so you don’t have to stumble in the water trying to move it to the next shot. Also, once the film is finished, it just rewinds automatically as well, making life even more easier for you. A cute thing I like about the auto rewind is, it leaves a bit of the film outside, ready for a double roll if I felt like it.

What I like most about this camera is not how easy it is to use, but the fun it brings to swimming! You see, I’m not a fan of summer, sea, beaches, swimming, all that… I do love vacations but a few days of swimming is what I need for a year and I’d rather sit in the shade than be in the water. But being a dedicated Lomographer who uses every opportunity to take photos, and also someone whose first Lomo camera was the Frogeye, I keep it with me whenever I go swimming and this year we found a game with my hubby to play with the Frogeye!

It is quite simple actually. When the water is cold and you really don’t know how to just jump in, here’s what you do: You throw the Frogeye as far as it would go in the water. It’s a good that this camera floats on the water surface. And then in order not to lose sight of it, you just jump in the water, swim until you catch it and then throw it again!!!

So this is how we got to take so many photos in such little time :)

Proof that swimming was made more fun with the Frogeye!!

written by nural on 2010-11-21 in #reviews #game #sea #swimming #summer #fun #frogeye

One Comment

  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Yeeeah! That's it, I want one! My LC-A won't work with the Krab and that detail about the doubles just convinced me! I love to find a good review on something I'm not sure I should buy... Thank you!

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