The Great Fuji Velvia 100 as My First Slide Film (35mm, 100 iso) User-Review


The Fuji Velvia 100 - a wonderful mix of red, purple, and pink! It yields unexpected results - the sunset pictures that I took looked very beautiful, enhanced with a nice silhouette. As my first slide film, it gave me a good experience. Everyone should try this! :)

Not so long ago, me and my friends were planning to go on holiday in Malacca (a place in Malaysia), and at that time I began to think this is the right time for me to try a slide film. So before heading off to Malacca, I went to the photo shop to find my first slide film.

As soon as I entered the store and see all types of slide film, I was confused, which one should I buy?. After a long think, I randomly decided to buy Fuji Velvia 100F. After I arrived in Malacca, I began to shoot everything and anything with my “weapon” Lomo Fisheye 2, as notified in Lomography rules # 6: DON’T THINK. And the most I was waiting for was the sunset. I really want to take pictures of sunsets

After developing the film, I was surprised with the results. A wonderful mix of reddish, purplish and pinkish! It was so unexpected and the sunset pictures that I took looked very beautiful with a nice silhouette. This is a good experience for me for my first slide film :)

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  1. paramir
    paramir ·

    great film indeed. lovely gallery!

  2. pith
    pith ·

    Velvia was my first slide film as well =)

  3. xdinx
    xdinx ·

    thnx paramir and pith..:)

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