Paris: The Launch of This Camera with the Name of Spinner 360º


Reasons to Flip: The tale of a nice and somewhat unusual launch in the Lomography Gallery Store in Paris

“Flipper”. That means to “freak out” in French. Those dolphins!

Flipper and Friend.

We had some serious reasons to freak out collectively here in the little boutique in Paris. Preparations for another of those legendary parties at the shop had just been concluded. The phantastic Spinners 360sº had been piled up and properly hidden under purple velvet, our lovely 3d image of swimming dolphins (14,90 euros at the local gadget store) had been hung on the wall, the quality beers had been chilled in the fridge.
Voila! Capcom, all systems GO!

Elaborate Shop Stickers.

And then something weird happened: A grey minivan pulled up in front of the shop and a lady and two gentlemen hopped off and went straight into the store. I think they were a bit puzzled to find the spacious interior of our little shoppe crowded with Bier drinking youngsters. They stared at the cameras and we stared at them and then they stared friendly at us. And during the staring we realized that one of the gentlemen, their leader if you will, was none other than Mr Bruce Weber. If the name does not ring a bell to you, he is a photographer of the more famous kind. Very more famous. Coincidence.

So one did proceed to the unveiling of the not so mystery product by that time. (Thank you, thank you spinning earth, thank you timezones!) You could almost hear the sound of popping eyes! Our lovely guests were flipping about the Spinner 360º. Mr Weber, a dedicated lover of analogue photography (probably the only top professional who is still 100% celluloid), shyly asked if he could buy one or two, then summoned his assistant to get his Mamya (or was it a Fuji) with a lovely wooden handle. It looked a bit like his namesake Bruce Springsteen’s Telecaster. He started to shoot our shop. We worked, too: we drank beer that had to be drunk, listening to old 12" of Mr Dean “Dino” Martin (a true gentleman btw). Mr Weber had to leave and he left with a shopping bag that was not empty. And he left happy. And the left behind were happy, too. A brief but delightful encounter

First Spinner Client in Paris: Mr Bruce Weber and his assistants.

Among the more famous Lomography enthousiasts we had Paulo, jolipunk, buster adams, caroline kei, Nico (the guy who prefers to stay anonymos) etc. here to behold the unveiling. An impersonator of the Ambassador was also spotted! It was a lovely evening under the rainy Paris sky. But hey, flowers need water, so the rain was very pleasant!

The Ambassador and an impersonator.

Legal sidenote!
Due to the threat of a lawsuit by our law-abiding and fun-toleratingly challenged neighbors upstairs, we did not have a band this time.

written by ringo on 2010-06-10 in #news


  1. severin
    severin ·

    a very splendid article

  2. ringo
    ringo ·

    much thanks for the flowers, severin. i make big effort to write nice.

  3. mandi
    mandi ·

    lovely. especially decoration is top-notch.... those finely nuanced references to pop culture....

  4. ringo
    ringo ·

    thank you. we do our best here at lomography paris. we concur with mr simon and mr garfunkel: keep the customer satisfied!

  5. takitani
    takitani ·

    Superbe! Those dolphins! Ha!:-)

  6. adamscott
    adamscott ·

    A big dicks'up from me!

  7. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Was surely agreat launch party! And wow, Mr Bruce Weber! I'd like to see his first Spinner shots, they surely will be totally amazing!! :)))

  8. ringo
    ringo ·

    i told him the first roll might not turn out to his satisfaction. although not in those terms. i used obscenity. and it was not very chanel. followed by the words "excuse my french".

  9. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Nice really nice..wish I could have been there. Happy days and nights to you.

  10. ullilomo
    ullilomo ·

    holy spinshizzle! you did it again, ringo, ringo, you rock!

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