Presenting the Spinner 360°


Presenting the most freewheeling 35mm panoramic camera in the universe! Crazily spinning 360° around its own axis, it records everything around you! Take panorama photography to new exciting heights!

The New Lomography Spinner 360° Camera

Introducing the most freewheeling 360° panoramic camera in the universe!

Take the Lomography Spinner 360° in one hand, pull the cord with the other and release it. In a split second the camera spins 360° around its own axis and records everything that’s around you on a frame more than 4 times longer than a conventional landscape picture. Inspired by a futuristic concept from the 1980s, the Lomography Spinner 360° takes panorama photography to a new and accessible snapshot level.

Lomography Spinner 360° Highlights

Powered by a fully manually controlled rubber band drive, the Lomography Spinner 360° is so simple to use that you won’t believe how amazing the results are. With the Spinner 360°, quality panoramic photography has entered a whole new and exciting creative era.

  • Uses standard 35mm film that can be processed anywhere
  • Creates up to 8 full 360° panoramas on a 36-exposure film
  • Rubber band drive + fully manual controls (no batteries required)
  • Manual long exposures
  • Sunny/cloudy aperture settings
  • Tripod mount

Spinner Techniques

Shoot from the hip, do the Rollercoaster, the Backflip, Toothbreaker, Timescan or manual long time exposures. There’s practically no limit to the experimentation offered by this camera! Every bit of your 35mm film is fully exposed and results in the sprocket-hole look unique to analogue photography.

Scanning & Print Options

The Lomography Spinner 360° uses 35mm film. It is the most popular film format in the world and can be processed at any lab anywhere. However, as almost no other camera produces pictures in the same format as the Spinner 360° you should be in the know about the many scan options, developing styles and print formats on offer with this special camera.

Meet the Spinners

Get to know the Lomography Spinner 360° better through the stories and photos of 5 of the testers

Go to Meet the Spinners on our Microsite

Or check out the testers homes:
jeabzz | vicuna
kdstevens | lawypop | nural | sinvertigo

Shop for the Spinner 360° | Learn more on the Lomography Spinner 360° Microsite

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  1. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    i wanna be a tester of the next mystery camera product please!!!!!!!!!

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·


  3. elede
    elede ·

    I need to get one!

  4. emilios
    emilios ·

    Def buying one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. nural
    nural ·

    I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!

  6. eastmoe
    eastmoe ·

    cooooolllllll.....i wanna be a beta tester for the next mystery product =)

  7. cubilas
    cubilas ·

    this is definitely my next purchase! what a great camera, great move LSI! one for the wishlist!
    scanning these pictures will be something else of course...

    testing? Count me in!

  8. jdtaylor82
    jdtaylor82 ·

    What do I get if my guess was close?

  9. pulex
    pulex ·

    wooohhhhaaa! i knew it was a spinnign camera....and please let me test the next fantastic camera!!! a a pop9 2 with a b setting and a mx switch for example!

  10. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    yeah!!!!!! it's revealed!!! :)))))))))

  11. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Come have a look at my - Testing the Spinner 360° - album! :)…

  12. psycedelicenabil
    psycedelicenabil ·


  13. copefan
    copefan ·

    want one...........

  14. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    hmmm...i just won £300 in a design competition, perhaps ill use the money to buy one of these rather than paying my rent....what do you think?

  15. deng
    deng ·


  16. japsix
    japsix ·

    oh.. i think, i'm in love!!!! gonna order this magic cam tonight!!!!)))))

  17. scootiepye
    scootiepye ·

    yes yes AND YES !

  18. rater
    rater ·

    Already waiting for mine!!!!

  19. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    check out my spinner 360 album… Let's Spin!!

  20. trash-gordon-from-outer-space
    trash-gordon-from-outer-space ·

    I didn't expect something THAT awesome! You just keep surprising me.

  21. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    I guessed it before they announced it!

  22. tonez
    tonez ·

    great looks awesome and fun :) one question can it be placed on a tripod....?

  23. dadafalafel
    dadafalafel ·


  24. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    @tonez yes this is possible, there is a tripod thread at the bottom of the camera ;)

  25. domyblue
    domyblue ·

    I love it !!! I shared my love for the Spinner 360°:…

  26. ipdegirl
    ipdegirl ·

    wow. this camera looks SUPER fun!

  27. bravebird
    bravebird ·

    I looooooooooove it!!!!

  28. alejo
    alejo ·

    hi, i want to know if you make delivery to Colombia

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