Lomography Magazine Times: April Fables

Welcome to the April issue of the Lomography Magazine Times, where we present the highlights from our online Magazine. Don’t be left in the dark! Get the lowdown on all the Lomographic community happenings the past few weeks!

Welcome to the April issue of the Lomography Magazine Times, where we present the highlights from our online Magazine. Don’t be left in the dark! Get the low down on all the Lomographic community happenings!

Diana World Tour – London

The Diana World Tour sets foot in lovely London! The tour is all about the British culture of rock n’ roll, punk and fashion! We released a very limited edition lens cap called ‘The Jack’s Cap’ with a boisterous detail of the Union Jack flag.

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Read more about the Jack’s Cap

Check Out Our Community’s Most Active Newcomers!

Hey! It’s that time again where we feature up-and-coming Lomographers as well as old users who recently migrated to our new website. Take a look-see at the talent and superb shots of the community’s fresh blood sure to perk up your day!

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Lomography Gallery Store LA Opening Recap

People flocked for an unforgettable party with 500+ new friends in attendance, opening the first Lomography Gallery Store for 2010 – drinks, tacos and electrifying tamales were served over Mariachi music – and analogue love all around the coast!

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Insights with Michelle of the LA Gallery Store

The next time you pay a visit to the City of Angels, make sure to drop by the newly opened Lomography Gallery, the first ever in the West Coast! More than that, you’ll get to meet one of our terrific analogue partners, Michelle!

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Analogue Top Stories

The New Lomography Sling-On Bag

The Sling-On Bag is back with a brand new design, new material and a fresh attitude. Available in 4 bright and bold colours* for your toting pleasure. Robust and light-weight – sling it over your shoulder and take it anywhere!

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Spotlight LomoAmigo: Liss Winnel

Meet Liss! She’s an avid blogger and as she says, “a little too obsessed with everything whimsy”. She likes to collect cameras, even if only to look at and always prefers the book to the movie. See the captivating shots taken with the Diana Mini on her trip to India.

Read more about our LomoAmigo Liss Winnel

Spotlight Camera Review: Ricoh 500G

trash-gordon-from-outer-space reviews the elusive Ricoh 500G. The Ricoh is probably not very suitable as a point-and-shoot camera. But if it’s okay for you to take some time to get the adjustments right, you will be able to achieve great results with it!

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Spotlight Location: Varadero: The Clear Water Paradise

Located in the island of Cuba, Varadero is a tourist city built for resort vacationing. If you seek beautiful underwater photos, drinking swell Mojitos while watching the Cuban sunset this is the perfect LomoLocation for you!

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Spotlight Film Review: Kodak Ultima 100

A film that is good and cheap and exclusively for the Philippine market, boredbone takes us on a quick photo trip armed with this delectable film with great contrast and reasonably-accurate color reproduction.

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Rumblin’ With our Rumble Winners

Rumble announcements abound! Find out our latest winners who will be receiving Piggy Points and Special Prizes for their top-notch photos! Shoot Like a 25-Year Old | In Tram All Over | Pirate Movie Crew | Berlin City Rumble | Gym Rat | Pimp My Gift!

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Community Latest

vicuna’s Raiatea Lomographic Schoolproject

vicuna set out to initiate his very first Lomographic schoolproject in French Polynesia! He has been working as a History, Geography, and Civic Instruction in secondary school, and is now spreading the Lomo-love in “Lycée des îles sous le vent”, in the city of Utoroa.

Read more about Raiatea Schoolproject

8,8 Pieces Project: Awareness & Action for the Earthquake in Chile

Read about Chris Leskovsek (nadameanschris)'s story about the project that he created during the recent earthquake in Santiago, Chile, and download the accompanying visual book for free.

Read more about 8,8 Pieces Project…

Earth Hour, Every Hour

nicholasdavidchoy revisits his experience of Earth Hour. For him, it was refreshing to have the twilight fill the house instead of glaring fluorescent lamps, and birds chirping outside the window instead of the television blaring away…

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More Interesting Articles

  • Newcomer of the Week: kim_zemene

    written by icequeenubia on 2014-10-26 in #people #lifestyle
    Newcomer of the Week: kim_zemene

    Our Newcomer of the Week is an art student from Prague, Czech Republic. She surpised the community with beautiful lomographs that reflect her fun-loving and perky personality. Let's all welcome our newbie, kim_zemene!

  • Newcomer of the Week: analogeanstalten

    written by icequeenubia on 2014-09-21 in #lifestyle
    Newcomer of the Week: analogeanstalten

    Her interest in photography started when she saw a shop in Vienna selling cameras with her name "Diana" printed all over. She then applied as an intern in Lomography Germany where she had a great time getting on the analogue grind. Let's all give our cheerful and perky Newcomer of the Week, analogeanstalten, a warm welcoming hug!

  • Italian food by Lomography X-Pro Slide 200

    written by sirio174 on 2014-04-26 in #reviews
    Italian food by Lomography X-Pro Slide 200

    On a sunny April Sunday, I decided to load a Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 on my new Lomo LC-A+; both bought few weeks ago from the Lomography Online Shop to take some photos of some Italian food stalls in the center of my city, Como. Here my first impressions about this interesting film.

  • Shop News

    Wear lomo-love on your skin

    Wear lomo-love on your skin

    You’ve shouted your analogue love from the rooftops and worn your heart on your sleeve – Now it’s time to take it to the next level and wear it on your skin! Our new Lomography Tattoos are fun, easy to apply and come in five designs.

  • Remarkable Redscales Shot with the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200

    written by chooolss on 2014-08-12 in #lifestyle
    Remarkable Redscales Shot with the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200

    Test the limits of the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 and get a different, striking shot every time. Check out this fiery pool of lomographs taken by our fellow lomographers in the community!

  • LomoGuru of the Week: mapix

    written by icequeenubia on 2014-06-15 in #lifestyle
    LomoGuru of the Week: mapix

    This week's LomoGuru is perhaps one of the most active members of our Community. Aside from regularly updating his LomoHome with wonderful photographs, he also sets aside time to meet and share insights with his fellow lomographers by attending various lomowalks and lomo-exhibitions. Let's cheer for our latest LomoGuru from Germany, Christoph Maas, also known in the Community as mapix!

  • Newcomer of the Week: psychedelica

    written by icequeenubia on 2015-03-22 in #people #lifestyle
    Newcomer of the Week: psychedelica

    His love affair with analog photography started with a Zenit 12 which he received as a birthday present. Almost a decade has passed since but he still continues to capture his everyday life and the spirit of Istanbul's streets on film. Get to know our newcomer of the week from Turkey, Can Ortak also known in the community as psychedelica!

  • Shop News

    Fuji Instax Wide 300

    Fuji Instax Wide 300

    Shoot wider and bigger with this new instax camera that has film format twice the size of the instax mini films!

  • LC-A Goes To: Saint Petersburg, Russia

    written by chooolss on 2014-06-05 in #world #locations
    LC-A Goes To: Saint Petersburg, Russia

    As the iconic LC-A celebrates its 30th birthday this month, we think it's only timely that we look back to Lomography's roots and shine the spotlight on the camera's birthplace, Saint Petersburg. If you haven't been there yourself, or if you have and simply wanted to be reminded of the beauty of the place, we've compiled a few select lomographs taken using no less than the LC-A by our community members!

  • LomoGuru of the Week: puppettina

    written by icequeenubia on 2014-04-27 in #lifestyle
    LomoGuru of the Week: puppettina

    Her LomoHome was first created for the sole purpose of purchasing cameras and films in the Online Shop. Two and a half years later, she went up to be one of best Lomographers in the Community. Aren't we glad our LomoGuru of the Week Paola Cognigni or puppettina chose to stay and share her fantastic film photographs with us?

  • Playing Detective: An Interview with Derek Woods, the Man Behind the Controversial True Detective Photo (NSFW)

    written by Jill Tan Radovan on 2014-05-03 in #people #lifestyle
    Playing Detective: An Interview with Derek Woods, the Man Behind the Controversial True Detective Photo (NSFW)

    Derek Woods is an Los Angeles-based photographer who previously got involved in a controversy surrounding a photo that was used in the opening credits of the HBO TV series "True Detective." Coincidentally, Woods happens to be a member of the Lomo community, and it became vital to interview him regarding the issue. The interview was successful and was published in May last year. His current project, 365 of Lomography, will chronicle his day-to-day exploits with Lomography cameras. To jog your memory, and to re-acquaint you with Woods, we are republishing our interview with the controversial photographer. Please take note that some of the photos are NSFW.

  • Shop News

    Special Apertures for Petzval

    Special Apertures for Petzval

    Want to be more creative and level up your bokeh shots? A wide selection of special apertures for Petzval are here to blend with your artistic side and give your Petzval images some analog twists!

  • LomoGuru of the Week: jeng

    written by icequeenubia on 2014-06-01 in #lifestyle
    LomoGuru of the Week: jeng

    He may be a man of few words but his amazing gallery of more than 4,000 lomographs already speak volumes of the wonders his talent and creativity can do. Meet our latest LomoGuru from Bangkok, Thailand, Phanit Chaimongkol, more popularly known in our Community as jeng!

  • Weekend Wonder Deals For EU!

    written by shhquiet on 2014-05-23 in #news
    Weekend Wonder Deals For EU!

    Where are you off to this weekend? Before heading out for a relaxing time with family and friends, make sure to visit a Lomography Shop first! For our friends in Europe, don't miss the chance to get selected Lomography Cameras at 15% off from 23rd May to 26th May.

  • Pieces of Berlin Make Their Way to NYC

    written by efrost on 2014-09-29 in #people #events
    Pieces of Berlin Make Their Way to NYC

    Photographer Florian Reischauer is no stranger to the Lomography community. In 2013, our LomoAmigo took a Lubitel 166+ out for a spin and told us about his famous blog, "Pieces of Berlin". A few years earlier, he took time to take part in the 5 Questions on Analogue Photographyseries. Now, we’re here to give you the latest scoop on Florian Reischauer and his next appearance in NYC to present his new book which was based off of his blog, "Pieces of Berlin 2009-2013".