A Salute to the Masters: Street Photography in Ischia and Procida (A Tribute to Bruno Barbey)


The French photographer Bruno Barbey took a series of photos in Southern Italy in the '60s, many of these in the city of Naples. In this tribute to a great master of social and street photography, I'll show you a series of photos that I took in the islands of Ischia and Procida located a few kilometers from this wonderful city. Read more after the jump!

*Bruno Barbey* is a French street photographer born in 1941. After studying photography in Vevey, Switzerland, he received many commissions to photograph across many European and African countries. In 1964, he joined the famous Magnum agency, where he was president from 1992 to 1995. In his life he traveled across all five continents, documenting many civil wars across the world from Northern Ireland to Vietnam.

For this article, I chose a series of street photos taken in Ischia and Procida as a tribute to his beautiful images taken in the nearby city of Naples in the mid-’60s and compiled in his book, “The Italians.”

The first image shows the Naples harbor, where you can take a hydroplane to reach the island of Procida.

Credits: sirio174

In the second photo you can see the Procida’s marina. This is a typical fishermen’s island, a place where time seems to stand still.

Credits: sirio174

During summer, the island is visited by many tourists. Just like these two men, who asked me to take their picture which I would send them after having it printed.

Credits: sirio174

The inhabitants lead a simple and peaceful life in the small streets, and they carefully preserve their beautiful homes with their white painted walls.

Credits: sirio174

A few kilometers from Procida is the island of Ischia, known for its numerous spas. Here is a narrow street in Forio, a quaint island village.

Credits: sirio174

The inhabitants are very open and friendly. They also willingly agreed to have pictures of their street life taken.

Credits: sirio174

Here are some unique means of transportation, suitable for the narrow streets of the island!

Credits: sirio174

The people of this region have strong musical traditions. Here’s a good tenor accompanied by a friendly accordionist. He was singing the famous piece “O sole mio” in a restaurant in Forio. I’ll end my tribute by sharing with you this beautiful song. Enjoy!

This is the voice of the great singer Enrico Caruso. Video via YouTube
Credits: sirio174

A Salute to the Masters is a series dedicated to great photographers that I like. I posted other tributes for Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, Helen Levitt, Ernst Haas, Stephen Shore, Gabriele Basilico, Robert Adams, Thomas Struth, J.H. Lartigue, Elliott Erwitt, Robert Frank, Gianni Berengo Gardin, André Kertész, Willy Ronis, Brassaï, Rodchenko, Dan Graham, Henry Grant, William Eggleston, Dennis Stock, Juergen Teller, Martin Parr, Peter Mitchell, Mario Giacomelli, David Burnett, Michael Williamson, Bernard Cahier, Harry Gruyaert and Izis Bidermanas. I especially love street photography and urban architectural photography.

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