Most Popular User Blogs of July 2014


Indulge in these wonderful blog entries written by our fellow lomographers and fill the rest of your weekend with some serious Lomo-love!

This month’s selection of popular user blogs is surely a heartwarming one. They may be of different tones and voices but they all still lead to that same ending – an upfront confession of one’s undying and unwavering love for analogue photography! Enjoy reading and lomo on!

Where Have All Our Lomofriends Gone? by clickiemcpete

Credits: clickiemcpete

An Analogue Affair: why I love analogue photography. by roxyvonschlotterstein

Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein

Analogue Love by bravopires

Credits: bravopires

The age of the Hybrid camera is upon us. by scootiepye

Credits: scootiepye

Robert Frank, 'The Americans' by alex34

Credits: alex34

The Phileas Fogg Project ! from MEXICO (aca92) to U.S.A. - Los Angeles (blueskyandhardrock) by giovannidecarlo

Credits: vici

Vivian Maier- Who Took Nanny's Pictures? by neja

Credits: neja

Why I Love Analogue Photography by ekeupratama

Credits: ekeupratama

Accessorize Your Lomography Petzval Lens for Maximum Flexibility when Shooting by alienmeatsack

Credits: alienmeatsack

Yes, using analogue cameras sometimes go wrong. by crismiranda

Credits: crismiranda


Credits: bebopbebop

Serial Shooter: How the Other Half Works by stratski

Credits: stratski

Everything I love about being a analogue photographer! by sinema

Credits: sinema

From everyone here at Lomography, congratulations to these lomographers for having our Most Popular User Blogs of July 2014!

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