Monday Moodboard: Why Do You Still Shoot Film?


As film photographers, I'm sure you, too, have been asked why you still choose to shoot in this medium at least once - whether by a genuinely curious friend or family member, or a disbelieving acquaintance.

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Can’t Stop Shooting on Film” is a “3-Minute-Stories” piece by wedding photographer *Amrit Vatsa*, in which film photographer Edson Dias of the Goa Centre for Alternate Photography (CAP) offers his two cents on why he continues to shoot in analogue. It’s short yet insightful, and would definitely make you ponder on the same question, just as I have.

Video by Amrit Vatsa via Vimeo

I’ve had my fair share of shooting both in digital and analogue, but I have to say there’s something extremely satisfying about using a film camera – especially when my photos turn out really well or when I manage to learn a new technique. I’ve heard fellow photographers express their love for the unpredictability of film and, well, I can say that understand them now. I love grain and the occasional imperfections marring yet somehow making my photos look just right at the same time. Trying out different films, hacks, film soups, techniques, and in-camera experimentation is becoming quite addictive, too.

They may not seem much, but these photographs actually mark some of my most recent firsts in film photography!

Now, it’s your turn. Why do you still shoot film?

Via Petapixel.

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Maybe because I'm old and used to it. I love working in the darkroom creating a great print, experimenting with toners and other chemicals. Besides, when people see me with my 'antique' cameras, they always stop to talk. I've met some interesting people that way. Check out my site at:

  2. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Digital is too sharp, too "perfect" to represent an imperfect world!

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