LomoChrome Purple 120 and 35mm: Expect the Radical!

I was given a roll of LomoChrome Purple 120 by a friend who was keen for me to try it out since he didn't have a medium format camera. I really didn't expect the results I got when I took it out for a test run on a bright winter's day in London.

Credits: myahcat

Seeing a film that’s branded as ‘purple’, that’s what I thought I’d get – purple images not far from the tones I had found in the Lomography X Tungsten 64 film. I was quite astonished when the photos included greens, blues, greys, and pinks – not the results I expected at all. But still, they were results I really loved.

Credits: myahcat

So those were the results during winter and outdoors. With my next roll I decided to mix things up a bit. I loaded it again into my *Diana F+*
and headed out to Victoria in London and to Westminster Cathedral. The tower there is known for its spectacular views over London, and on a hazy day I was intrigued to see what the *LomoChrome Purple 120* film can do. Shooting the views and then some interior shots of the cathedral, I again found that the film yielded extraordinary results.

Credits: myahcat

Pleasingly, I scanned the negatives myself on my Epson V500 and they required no tweaks to secure the effects.

So much for the 120 film. I now wanted to try a *LomoChrome Purple 35mm* roll in my *LC-Wide*, a camera that was compatible with so many film types. This time I shot during a rainy day in Paris and Versailles under dull lighting conditions.

Credits: myahcat

While I expected the the array of purples and greens, I didn’t see the grainy hues of the Arc de Triomphe – the film picks out details and creates a really unique appearance. I set my LC-Wide at ISO 200 and that seemed to overexpose one or two of the images. I’m keen to try the film on different settings to experience the full range of colors.

When indoors, purples are the accented color; when outdoors, greens and greys appear cleanly. But it seems to me that the LomoChrome film decides the hues for itself. This effect will surely blow your mind. Lomographers, expect something radical when you shoot with this film!

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