Then and Now: Artist Seamlessly Combines Various Paintings and Techniques

Original or not, artist Cesar Santos’ series of paintings are a marvel on their own.

Hybrid is one word to describe artist *Cesar Santos* series of reimagined paintings. Instead of just mimicking the different styles of famous painters and altering various effects, Santos combines various paintings that surprisingly go well with each other.

Think Jackson Pollock’s signature drip style in his paintings and mix it with the Baroque era’s marvelous attention to the human physique – all these and more can be found in Santos’ paintings. It’s as if each brush stroke was done by the original painters themselves. Each painting harks back to the glory days of art with every piece.

Images by Cesar Santos via Beautiful Decay

The Cuban-American artist calls his series “Syncretism.” Each of Santos’ pieces merges the different techniques and unique styles of different artists and art eras. Not only do his “modern” paintings mix up the aesthetics, they also blend when it comes to context and visual representation. His work offers a view of what could have happened had these masters collaborated on different projects..

Santos would have made the original painters proud with his revamped masterpieces.

You can see more of the artist’s work here.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Beautiful Decay.

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