Most Popular LomoKino Movies of June 2014


These LomoKino movies are good enough to break your monotonous weekend!

Weekends are meant for relaxing and we have just about the right mix of short flicks shot using our very own LomoKino to help you unwind. From random summer adventures to artistic and experimental movies, we got you all covered.

Hurry up and grab some popcorn and soda. Our marathon of the Most Popular LomoKino Movies of June 2014 is about to begin!

Beka by guanatos


Ceci n'est pas un rêve by tesslucia


LomoKino Archives: “into the city” by jc_austria


Mi película by cuevaj


Summer in the City by quatchi


Summer's On It's Way by cohetesnaranjas


== A Walk in the Park== by djramsay


Shadow Play by maria_vlachou


chiado in the afternoon by boozina


Lomokino#4 by snailish


From everyone here at Lomography, congratulations to these lomographers for having our Most Popular LomoKino Movies of June 2014!

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