Summer Hot Spots: Pantai Bojong Salawe


If you ever find yourself in West Java, Indonesia, don't forget to visit pantai Bojong Salawe in Parigi, Pangandaran.

Pantai (“beach”) Bojong Salawe is a free entry beach in Parigi which offers beautiful views of nature and the sea.

Credits: hervinsyah

Located not far from the famous surf spot pantai Batu Hiu, Bojong Salawe has showed me the wonderful daily life of fishermen. Aside from the fish market, there are also a lot of warung (small places which sell food and beverage) that provide fresh fish to enjoy at this beach.

Credits: hervinsyah

If you walk towards the right, you will find a lot of local folk who await their luck in fishing.

This has been the third time that I’ve been to this beach; yet, I never get bored of walking along the fantastic seashore. This is the photo of a boat that I took two and a half years ago.

Credits: hervinsyah

And this is how it looks now.

Credits: hervinsyah

Oh, I forgot to mention that Parigi, Pangandaran was my paternal grandpa’s hometown. But I never got to meet him because he passed away when my dad was still in elementary school. So, I feel like I have an emotional connection with this place.

Look at this wave breaker. In 2005, this place was hit by a tsunami – incidentally, it was just one year after a massive one hit Aceh and Nias in nearby Sumatra. My relatives who live here said that at that time the earthquakes were very massive. Thank God all of them were safe. Now you will find many tsunami evacuation signs everywhere in Parigi.

Credits: hervinsyah

When I went to this spot with my paternal cousin @taufik_rachman two and a half years ago, the wave was not as high as the one in the photo above. It’s so fun to snap photos of this beach every time I come here.

Credits: hervinsyah

Since Bojong Salawe was devoid of fishermen’s activities when I went there a couple of weeks ago, let’s have a look at photos of their activities taken two and a half years ago.

Their hard work and their teamwork has inspired me to do the same thing.

Credits: hervinsyah

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  1. cynthiaj
    cynthiaj ·

    Thanks for sharing. It's a beautiful place.

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    You're welcome & thank you very much @cyn8728 =)

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