Show Your Stash, vivie!


In another edition of Show Your Stash, vivie of Hamburg, Germany, goes on a LomoWalk in her hometown and tells us about it.

vivie’s stash

Name: Vivien
LomoHome: vivie
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Vivien, I’m 22 and I live in the wonderful city Hamburg in Germany. I work in a bookstore, which I really love, because I love books! I share an apartment with two friends in an outlying district. I think it’s great, because the inner city with the Harbour, the Kiez and the Alster is near, but also the nature outside.

What have you got planned today and where are you going?

Just a normal LomoWalk. Behind the house I’m living in is a kilometer-long bicycle path with fields, cows and horses. Always next to the path is a stream and at one place live some egrets. I’m really happy to live here, at the beginning of this path! Today I just want to walk along this path. Sometimes I take my bike, because the best part of the path is 7 kilometers long, but not today.

Herschel Little America Cotton Canvas backpack

Please itemize everything and tell us why you’re bringing each of them.

Bag: Herschel Little America Cotton Canvas backpack. It’s great for longer walks, because it’s very comfortable and it’s really big! For shorter LomoWalks I like to take a messenger/ shoulder (camera) bag, like my Zkin Champ or my Lomography Sidekick TPE Bag.

Zkin Champ


Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day. I always have a compact camera with me: This camera, my LC-Wide, my Yashica T3 or sometimes another one. I think there’s not much to say about this camera. We all love it, don’t we?

Fuji Instax mini 8. Small and lightweight instant camera. A have a few (or a lot?) instant cameras, but today I chose this one, because I don’t want too much weight. The Polaroid SX-70 and Fuji Instax 200, which I also own, produce better pictures, but are heavier.

Revueflex 5005. An amazing SLR! It’s an often re-branded camera and the same as “chinon ceII memotron”,
“revueflex 4004”, “Revueflex 5000 EE”, “PORST reflex M-CE”, “ALPA Si 2000” and surely some more. It has aperture priority and ISO range from 25 to 3200. The switch for multiple exposures doesn’t work, but maybe I can fix it anytime. The camera produces great pictures and it’s really easy to handle.


3 lenses for the SLR: 29mm (Pentacon 2.8), 28mm (Canon 2.8) and 80-200mm (Beroflex 4.5-5.2). Strange combination, right? I found the Canon lens at a flea market to a very low price. Now I want to test it and compare it to the Pentacon lens. The Beroflex I don’t use often, but today I want to capture the egrets! I also like to make macro shots, but I don’t want to take filters with me today, because the Pentacon lens allows me to go very near.

taken with a Revueflex and Pentacon lens

I have to mention my camera strap on the Revueflex! It was a birthday present from my boyfriend. So my stash today includes some “girl stuff” too. ;)


It’s beginning summer, so I can use the amazing low ISO films I own. My choices for today are:
Fuji T64, a great tungsten film!
Agfa RSX II 50, expired 2006.
Agfa CT Precisa 100, made in Japan version. But I don’t prefer any version, I love them both (:
Kodak ExtraColor Elite Chrome EBX. I think I don’t have to say anything, right?
Kodak Elite Chrome EB. Neither here.
Kodak Ektachrome 160T. Not in the photo, because it’s in my LC-A+.

Taken with LomoChrome Purple Film

Then today it’s time for another roll of the *LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400.* I had some great results with it in medium format with my Lubitel 2.

I didn’t know when I would be home again. So I also took a Fuji Superia 1600 with me, for when it gets darker! And, finally, a double pack of Fuji Instax Mini. I love the special editions, like the Disney or rainbow versions, but at the time I didn’t have any of them.

Other Stuff/Miscellaneous:

The normal stuff (not on the photo): Keys, money, Smartphone, waterbottle, cigarettes and lighter, sunglasses, little snack. For notes, like the ISO settings for the LomoChrome Purple, I use my smartphone.

Thanks for showing us your stash, vivie!

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